I have a fair bit of Roleplay characters and two Fursona's, Hato is my stray that lives around New York (A place inspired by New York during the eighties and nineties but more in a modern day like setting and it's bit of a fantasy one mind you, so some things are new OwO )

I do free story commissions BUT I am slow due to work and some other life issues (Hence why they're free) More information can be found on my SoFurry profile - which is where I frequently post all of my work due to the simplicity of posting written works.
Is my profile and my current ongoing project is this fanfiction here, which is a SFW Pokemon fanfiction and open to public view It starts out rough, very rough, but the newest chapters are edited and go up to even 30 K

If I can figure out this sites posting sorta (Format? I guess) Then I'll post my stories here too :3

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Searching for a Pokemon Artist!

on 29 June 2018 at 01:29:43 MDT

As the title states, this Border Collie is searching desperately for an artist whom is exceptional with Pokemon art or focuses solely on that to help him create visual depictions from this ongoing fanfiction over SoFurry

I am indeed the writer, and as for costs - I've yet to frankly care as I'm willing to work towards setting money aside to help create even small comic excerpts for scenes (Which would be more minimalist in nature) towards highly detailed art pieces during emotional scenes with characters.

thank you for reading, and my best for of contact is Via SoFurry but I will review here :3

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