L.U.N.A. by Hajinn


Pragmatism. Only those that had established themselves as genuine architects and inventors would be able to breach the doors of the Komarov Expo. Written consent can be falsified. Files can be fabricated. Concrete evidence was not optional – it was a bone-in requisite. Ingress into those hallowed halls would be impossible without it. Presented with such a vicious ultimatum and a miniscule timeframe for registration, Tahajin was at a loss for blueprints. Ideas were plentiful, but nothing that would leave one of the most famous weapon-dealers dumbstruck. If that wasn’t enough, there was the budget to ruminate on. Past the little hovel of a laboratory in the possat’s basement, there wasn’t much in the way of a Research and Development sector or any other affiliated clientele. One thing was certain, however – despite his illustrious family’s reputation for possessing a predominately militaristic-totalitarian mindset, Tahajin was more in the camp of defense rather that offense (at least, when it came to technologies). It stemmed from the whole ‘finding satisfaction in aiding others and disregarding dispositions’, and building weapons simply bred conflict. So, whatever he’d put together – it would be an aegis.

Tahajin also had a predilection towards personal devices rather than grandiose mainframe for, say, a battalion. If defense was the flavor, personal protection and utilitarianism would have to be the feel. With that sorted, all that was left was to ruminate over what would be the best private device. Pepper spray? No, that was archaic when it was new. Tasers? Easily sublimated nowadays. One day elapsed before it hit him square in the temple: armor. Not just run-of-the-mill armor, either – something avant-garde, perhaps able to be compressed in a wrist-mounted device. In order for that to come to fruition, it would have to enlist some of the possat’s own repertoire – meaning a portion of this process would involve mechanizing what he undergoes naturally. Inquiries flooded his psyche whilst conceptualization frantically scrawled on sticky notes obscured his wallpaper. Other ideas were thrown into the proverbial ‘melting pot’: add in a layer of interactivity to this armor with a smattering of consciousness. Provide for the capabilities of a pseudo-learning apparatus, able to formulate stratagem on the fly and adapt to any situation thrown at it. After three sleepless nights, an abstract was settled upon…manufacture an amalgamation of a viscid humanoid and aqueous armor that merged existing nanotechnology with conventional stratification. Also, Ensure that this nanite armor was imbued with a logical core capable of cognitive development and instantaneous ratiocination.

The originally capricious possat turned taciturn for the next three days as his project, still untitled, was set in motion. Initial prototyping yielded strained, dreck results and the near-constant failures to even get a group of nanomachines to intrinsically coalesce was waging a war of attrition on Tahajin’s will to even finish his undertaking. As one would expect, the assiduous monochrome tuff lost hours of rest, writing blueprints and running rudimentary experiments through the nightly. On one of the more auspicious of nights, Tahajin gazed up contemplatively at the celestial bodies that adorned the window above his desk before a full moon caught stole his attention from the encircling constellations. Such a magnificent alabaster satellite; battered and bruised by tragic events, yet its radiance never once diminished – not once. To say that this was analogous to the possat’s situation…would be a tad presumptuous, but it supplied to persist in the face of adversity (and use some common sense and get some sleep). The next day, Tahajin scrambled to his den (affectionately named his ‘prototyping lounge’) with two-ton vats of ferrofluid and puréed steel. Severing a pinch of his own essence, the possat went to work analyzing and labeling eighteen of the most common permutations his variable molecular structure clung to – applying the empirical data to the nanites and the fluids to their storage units. Contraptions and appliances (such as applets for intrapersonal communiques and biometrics that provided real-time statistics on bodily systems) were recorded on low-imprint dynamic-links and loaded, as well – filed under ‘extrusions’.

Fifteen anatomy and physiology reference books were set ablaze with obsidian digits thumbing through there entirety, establishing the best ways to merge with the epidermis and the underlying basal cells and what could be modified in order to augment one’s strength, stamina, and speed. Those actuaries were also used to construe what would be the most effective way to get the occipital lobe of the brain (in charge of vision) to perceive a head-up display without an OLED screen in front of the eyes. All this came with a price, however. Procedurally generating munitions was a no-go. It would cripple the armor’s infrastructure and, subsequently, the stability. Given the rapidly encroaching dealine, Tahajin felt it best if he pulled from the closest comic book, which just happened to be a stack of Acme graphic novels. Those comedic weapons were used as a substitute and intensified so they could compare to an ol’ fashioned assault rifle. During the final beta testing on random test subjects and auxiliary clones, there was one slight mutation. Those who donned this ‘suit’ would undergo rapid perspiration in accordance to the amount of stress the individual was under. Also, there was a noticeable increase in both metabolism and, oddly enough, posture. Finalization was but a series of keystrokes and the application of a recognizable branding upon the droid’s neck.

Since it was the moon that gave the possat the withal to barrel through the finish line, it seemed only fitting to bestow a name indicative of its resplendence. L.U.N.A. (or Lightweight Utility Nanite Armor) was given a physique that reverberated with curvaceous androgyny with a hairstyle made up of long, thin bunches of prehensile tendrils and a face that defined innocence. As the obfuscating vapors cleared from the subject’s solidification chambers, LUNA began demonstrating some unexpected behaviors. For starters, LUNA bounded for the possat on its own volition and, instead of binding with him, it proceeded to osculate with visible elation. Not the best thing for an article of defense that was to be presented to phlegmatic appraisers to do, but heartrendingly adorable nonetheless. The other fragment of eccentricity would also trace to the personality. LUNA was exorbitantly very persnickety about whom she’ll bond with, taking their intelligence quotient into consideration as well as the affability displayed. In spite of all these quirks and idiosyncrasies, LUNA’s presentation went off without a hitch – punctuated by the fluidic contraption snapping to attention, bellowing ‘To protect and serve! And…maybe have some fun on the side…’

L.U.N.A. v.0.2.3

|||||||LOAD PROFILE|||||||





//Comment: Prevent LUNA in later releases from messing with the load screen


//Comment: Yes, and the way you mess with the boot profile is inane.

YES, WELL YOU ARE BO- oh, wait. Caps lock. Yeah, and you're boring. So deal.


Lightweight Utility Nanite Armor. L.U.N.A. A state-of-the-art armor protocol created to keep soldiers safer on the field by bringing up-to-date information, libraries of information, live radar, with various healing properties and... Well, the promises brought by R&D departments are usually pretty grand. Well, truth is they did it. That and more. Unfortunately L.U.N.A. is quite expensive to produce, not to mention that the AI is far too advanced to just go along with any old person. Why? Easy. It has a personality. It also doesn't like being called an it...

Luna, LUNA, L.U.N.A... Doesn't matter how you spell it, just don't call her Lightweight Utility Nanite Armor within earshot. If she's bonded to you than she's most definitely within earshot. When on her own she appears as whatever she feels like, though her look is always metallic in one way or another. Seeing as how she usually picks the appearance of a naked female a nickname for the project between a few of the scientists would be 'Slimegirl,' due to her usually smiley feel despite the metallic look. Hey, she likes it.

When in a combat situation however she takes the form of her partner like a bodysuit, covering everything except for the head in an incredibly flexible suit. The suit will then take most of the force of just about any projectile or close-quarters weapon. Pretty fancy for a bunch of nanites, huh?


Viscosity Shift: By changing how tightly packed the nanites in her body are the girl can change how viscous the 'fluid' that makes up her body actually is. By doing so she can slide through small cracks with ease as a near zero-viscosity fluid or tighten up enough to the level of viscosity of Pitch. This is used in combat situations to absorb blows as the section of the suit targeted hardens to take the force of the weapon.

Tympanic Radio: Yeah, she gets radio. By sliding into her user's ear, part of her slime can vibrate the inner-ear muscles to make sure that the user can get up-to-date information from his or her superiors. Also, though the rest of her can be taken by enemy forces it's pretty hard to thinkof using a Q-tip in someone's ear to make sure they can't get radio communication.

Silly Weapons: ...Guns are far too complicated for this slime to transform into. Not to mention that guns are icky. Instead she goes for Claws, extending from the back of the user's hand. Superheated metal is never a good thing of course. Other than that she goes for more comedic weaponry. Oversized boxing gloves, sixteen ton weights, Acme anvils, the list goes on and on and on...

HUD: Before combat Luna sifts part of her 'slime' into a pair of light-blue tinted sunglasses with a frame that feels like plastic. Not only do these glasses protect from whatever sun the user is under's UV rays, it also shows a heads up display with ammunition and weaponry information, status of the armor and the user, a basic radar around the person... You know, the fancy things from your favorite first person shooter. A 'contact' version exists, but the amount of difficulty in melding her own 'slime' with the user's eyes has caused quite a few incidents during testing.

Adenosine Triphosphate Generation: [Basics] Alter human Adenosine Triphosphate levels artificially to cause more energy and temporary awesome movie-like strength and quickness. Like artificial adrenaline. Only cooler. [Advanced] The nanines stored within LUNA's intricate infrastructure all carry special automations that mirror that of a eukaryotic mitochondria. In these complexes, faux-adenosine triphosphate is produced. These synthesized substances are actually composed of amino acids rather than nucelotides, but is still interpreted by the body as such and delivers the same amount of energy (if not more) than regular ATP. LUNA's nanites also hook up to the serpentine midbrain by ways of the ear canal and typanum piece used for the abovmentioned radio. The nanites 'link' with the amydala and hold the fear center on standby. If the user requests it, LUNA can stimulate the amydala and control the same inherent functions it provides. It's similar to that of a adrenaline rush, but with less chance of muscular deterioration. The burst of energy, even when fueled by the faux-ATP, can only last for so long and it is recommended that the user refrain from re-activating it until three hours have passed.

Vestigal Markings: Perhaps the most noticeable 'mark' from use of Luna is head hair taking on a slight metallic shine, almost like it was made of metal. Of course it isn't, but it sure is shiny~

A few other basic signs of use show themselves after a long time using Luna. One is improved posture which only happens because while wearing Luna she tends to slowly correct the way someone stands. Another ins an increased appetite after full use of Luna due to Luna's modifying of Adenosine Triphosphat and causing the body to use more energy. Along with these is an increase of sweat production sans odor so the person during high-stress situations appears opalescent.



11 November 2012 at 19:07:20 MST

Three score and twelve years ago, a user on F-List by the most garrulous name of Functionless Ambilaterality was prancing through the rungs of concupiscent furs and inebriated men in their basements with a character named ‘Lyri Slime’. This poor profile was receiving about as much attention as a gravestone’s epitaph post mortem – until your friendly neighborhood monochromatic ball of naiveté rolled around, scouting for a potential roleplaying partner. What I retrieved was a spastastic coding acquaintance with a penchant for giving me insufferable headaches – which, in turn, lead to me giving her the nickname ‘Advil’ (for those who aren’t in the know or refuse to Google like a good little denizen of the Internet, Advil is a pain medication that doubles as an alternative for Bayer aspirin’). After about twelve conversations and three hefty roleplays, I grew tired of watching Lyri dance on the periphery of the site being ignored by a vast majority of the populous. So, I decided in proposing a revamp of the ages. Postulating on what other things a goo girl could perform, the preliminary concepts of LUNA were born and this profile was articulated. I jotted down the verbose bits above that you’re liable to skim through or pass over entirely and Advil monitored the silly portions that should elicit a chuckle or three. So, with that in mind – I suppose this is the first submission here that I’ve co-written!

Regardless of who inspired what from where, LUNA is still © Ambilaterality.

Do be sure to nudge her (and her other myriad of characters on F-List) for a roleplay one of these days. You’ll meet an amicable little plushball with a twinge of southern flair.

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