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Choose your character! Joe Mallard Pixel Animation by GuineaPigDan

Choose your character! Joe Mallard Pixel Animation


"Hello, it's Joe Mallard once again, the mascot of Fowl Cigarettes Inc! I've been invited to be the 27th character in a... what is this supposed to be again? A fighting game?! I don't know what those are! It sounds pretty lousy! I'm a busy duck and I have no time for games! Anyway, you might remember the time I ran for president in 2020, or when I gave out autographs, or how I was animated in Adobe Flash once! Wow, I'm pretty much doing the same thing in this newer animated icon, aren't I? If you're in the middle of a really tight fighting game tournament and need a break, a carton of Fowl Cigarettes in-between matches is the remedy that will help you calm your nerves! It should make you look really cool too! Make sure to choose me as your fighter whenever this game is supposed to come out! I have an incredible exploding cigar attack combo that will wow your opponents! Geez, finally I'm done with this crappy promo. This better be worth it! How big are my royalties going to be? I need to invest in a new car, a private duck pond, and my next NFT series! What losers would even buy this terrible game..."

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