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Quarantine weight gain (and loss) by GuineaPigDan

Quarantine weight gain (and loss)


I don't feel like coloring this, so into scraps it goes. (or the into sketches folder, for the three of you still using Weasyl that might see this over there) Since I did tone paper drawings of Peter and James both shirtless but by themselves, I thought I'd draw them together. Peter is worried he's getting a little rounder. James has been trying to stay fit while at home during the pandemic, but tells Peter not to feel too bad and that he can help him be more active if he likes. Or maybe Peter's stomach growled really loudly and James is amused by it... I dunno. I just don't know where to take this drawing, so that's why I'm just posting it as a sketch and spending time coloring other artwork. Enjoy this random doodle.