-COMIC- Furries react to McCartney III by GuineaPigDan

-COMIC- Furries react to McCartney III


25 October 2020 at 14:53:35 MDT

Wow, just two days after I uploaded my drawing of Peter and Basho singing Paul McCartney's song "Flaming Pie," https://www.weasyl.com/~guineapigdan/submissions/1956936/karaoke-cat-and-dragon Paul announces an upcoming album, the long awaited McCartney III! https://twitter.com/PaulMcCartney/status/1318945141432922113 So I decided to draw a quick comic reacting to the announcement. And since this album was recorded during "rockdown" as Paul describes it, I have Peter and Basho similarly in quarantine. Just assume the karaoke pic takes place before the Covid pandemic.

I'll next be posting the full versions of these drawings, showing them without cropping or being blocked off by speech bubbles.