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28 January 2019 at 21:01:24 MST

Husky and Lya made a little something!

It's no secret that Evos are very attached to their own kind. No matter the gender, appearance, blood bonds or how long they've known each other. Evos are just in love with other Evos. They work as one, breathe as one and survive as one giant living organism. There are no exceptions, no strings attached, no labels, social rules, expectations or conditions. The way they are so naturally in-sync with each other makes all this nonsense unnecessary like with other "intelligent" species. They are unaware off all this even existing. It's how their race has developed and evolved through time, and not something that they've chosen. That is a beautiful thing.

As any other Evo, Lya and Husky became really good friends after they both met each other in the D.E Development Team. They spent a lot of time together and this made their natural Evo bond even stronger with time. They were best friends now, brothers, and family.

And yeah... As with any other Evo, they are both very playful and affectionate. Spending a lot of time together, well... 2 1/2 months later, this little puppy happened As it's already known, it is very difficult for Evos to multiply, so for this to happen was a very pleasant surprise. A lot more than special... Bringing another Evo brother to life is something so meaningful for Evos. It's not only the joy of having another brother/sister to play with and create a bond with, but also knowing that this brings hope for their kind. They are a very fragile race, with very little numbers and an extremely low fertility rate. Being a Life Giver puts them ahead in their race against extinction.

This little puppy Evo names "Fang" came in at the best time possible. Shortly after their victory over Project Apocalypse... So many Evos lost no thanks to those monsters... But Evos defeated them eventually and regained their right to live. What better way to celebrate their victory over evil than to bring more of them to life.

Just as a little lore fact. Lya and Husky are not "married" or are 'boyfriend/girlfriend." Those terms and social behaviors don't exist within Evos. they don't even know those ritualistic behaviors exist within other races, and probably wouldn't even understand it. They will continue living their lives normally. Nothing will change for them, other than having a new Evo brother with them. And of course, they do feel the joy deep inside every time they remember their new Evo brother was brought to life thanks to that very beautiful bonding moment they both shared.

Also, don't think of them as humans. Don't see the puppy as a human baby. Just don't think of the whole situation as seen through human logic. They are creatures very different from us and our rules don't apply to them as their mentality and society don't match ours. I'm just saying this because I can hear nonsense such as "RABLE RABBLE RABBLE... Naked adults with naked infant! RABBLE RABBLE RABBLE" So if I take a picture of a real-life dog without clothes, does that make that picture "mature" or "inappropriate"? Of course not. This is the same. Thank you.

One last thing. About Fang. He's about three weeks old here. His body still has more quadruped (regular doggo) characteristics. He runs, jumps, plays and goes around in four legs still. He's in quite the fun age right now. exploring, running around and wandering around. He is in no danger whatsoever as other Evos will look after him in case he "escapes." It's pretty much like taking care of a real puppy. Just making sure he doesn't eat anything that he shouldn't, keeping him from chewing on things and cleaning after him. His body will slowly start changing as he grows, finally being able to hold an upright position at around three months old. At about a year-old, although still under development, he'll be fully grown, he will talk (albeit with a soft tone of voice) and be pretty much indistinguishable from adult Evos.

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