Evo tug of war by GTHusky

Evo tug of war


28 January 2019 at 20:54:33 MST

Something silly that I've been working on the past couple of days while I get more ideas for my story and art.

Another glimpse at Husky's future beyond the end of his story. How long has it been since they defeated the Machines? Ten, thirty, fifty years? Maybe more... It doesn't matter. With the modified gene gifted from the Retcans, it is unknown how much their longevity has been increased... Anyway, time is something that Evos don't really think of. They just live their life day by day, enjoying it to their fullest... It has been a while though, little Fang is now all grown up! And who's that little puppy? Well, it is a character I also plan on adding in the future. She is Lya and Husky's little sister! So guess who are her Life Givers... All I can say is that they are all a happy family now. Her name is Layla

Hey Hasky! I know you love to play with your big puppies, but remember to feed your smaller puppy! She's hungry

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