Granny Greymuzzle by GrizGuts

Granny Greymuzzle


16 March 2019 at 13:03:16 MDT

While taking some time for myself, I've been working on this cute lil'old lady~ My new personal suit, Granny Greymuzzle.

She's a foam base made with the 'bucket' type base because I wanted her hair to look somewhat big and rounded, but she also lots of extra holes inside for a much more breathable and comfy space. Her snout is also hollowed out with a fan pack in there that I made myself, with added buckram vents in her nostrils too. She's incredibly comfy and has amazing vision with the resin 'follow-me' type eyes I made myself. Her eyelashes I made the flat part and her brows with foamies and the sticking out 3D lashes from a more sturdy 1mm thick plasticard. Her tongue is just made from a pink foam for that nice bubble texture. Her hair is made from real sheepskin, so that's some genuine super soft wooly hair! I couldn't find a faux fur with the colour and texture I was looking for, so I decided to save up for a pelt sourced from a UK seller. And lastly I also made her metal glasses myself, which I soldered them together which was fiddly and difficult and I wouldn't recommend it xD I didn't have the will to go learn how to weld just for the one pair, but that would have been the better option. The rest is just fleece, hot glue, upholstery thread, acrylic paint, and some TLC.

She's going to be a partial suit, with hands and feet I need to make next, and the rest of her costume is going to be a robe and night gown. I'm so pleased with how she's turned out~

I plan on her debut being Confuzzled 2019! :3

Full Costume;

More shots of her hands;

More shots of her feet;

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