Granny Greymuzzle Partial Fursuit by GrizGuts

Granny Greymuzzle Partial Fursuit


16 March 2019 at 13:10:21 MDT

She's finally a full costume! (robe and nightgown part of her chatacter lol) ;u; Awhgosh, I'm so dang proud of her, I think she's gonna be a lot of fun for me to use. Modeled by my Mum for me so she's a bit big on her but I think she looks ok x3

I designed Granny Greymuzzle partly after my own Grandma, and mostly what inspired me to make her was that I have some health issues and wanted a character people would treat gently~ I'd also never seen an elderly fursuit before so thought it'd make an interesting change.

Everything all made by myself; She's a foam base with resin 3D follow me eyes and plasticard and foam 3D eyelashes. She has a 9V battery fan in her muzzle with added vents in her nostrils. Real sheepskin hair, resin hoofs and nails, and the rest is just fleece, acrylic paint, a lot of hand sewing, and a lot of time and care <3

More shots of her head;

More shots of her hands;

More shots of her feet;

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