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Working Like a Dog: The Metamorphosis by GreySummers

Working Like a Dog: The Metamorphosis


In the near future, a security team uses breakthrough technology to transfer their minds into the bodies of animals. After capture, two officers robbed of their humanity must fight and scheme to reclaim their freedom and very forms. But the snares around their necks grow tighter by the day, and what chance do a pair of beasts have to control their fates.

014 Disengage Harmonia 144 she shouted internally one final time. Squeaking in anger, she realized herself trapped. Heart pounding like a machine gun, her stomach sunk as the giant man smiled down at her.
“Why? Do you believe you can escape in this form? No, somethings preventing you from fleeing,” he chuckled, flicking the glowing node. The strike felt like an electric shock to her brain, leaver her stunned and her thoughts scattered. The instincts of the rat taking over, seizing control of body and brain as she bit at the man’s fingers.
“I’d prefer you keep your wits. If we work together, we can find a way to communicate, let you know who you work for… And you will work with me on this. You’ll find your other options far less pleasant.”
All the while, Argos sat in his cell, forced to observe the changes coming over his body. His wrists ended in hairless paws, lacking pads, but his nails already twisted into flat claws. His tail brushed against his legs, now extended by several vertebrae, but still hairless.
“Go fuck yourself,” Argos muttered.
“Ha, and here you were following like a loyal dog. If only you could be as quiet as one.” Argos held his tongue but noticed an unconscious reaction to his anger. His lips pulled back, showing his growing fangs.
Perhaps it will fade away like foggy memories. Perhaps they will form a second voice in your head, a dog seeing the world through your eyes. Or perhaps, it will grow, take control and replace every human part of your mind.” There was a perverse glee to his descriptions; the doctor clearly fascinated by the phenomenon. “Fragments of this canine mind are what’s making your body take this shape.”
As the man stated this, Argos thought on the previous days. They were training him as if he were already a dog. What sickened him most was that some parts of his mind seemed to welcome it. Resigned to the pain of resistance and accepting of a master.

Story is progressing, but slowly. I started several others part way through writing this section. It may have delayed this, but expect more content sooner. Next part will be coming out, as well as some new writings. Hope it’s worth the wait.

Please comment with any thoughts or criticism.
Thanks for reading!

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