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Working Like a Dog: The Change by GreySummers

Working Like a Dog: The Change


In the near future, a security team uses breakthrough technology to transfer their minds into the bodies of animals. After a debilitating accident, one is forced to turn to an experimental treatment, and another to begin a covert investigation.

“If every broken part of me is replaced, how much of the original me is left?... No, when this is over, nothing will be left of me.” Yet, at that moment, he was met undeniably with fingers shortened into his hands, palmed covered in rough, dark skin.
Panicking, Argos hurried to the bathroom and slammed the door behind him. Before the mirror, he tentatively pulled back his sleeves. Though braced for the worst, he flinched at the sight. Changes had progressed further than he acknowledged.
Twisted and warped beyond recognition, his hands, if they could even be called hands, hardly looked human. It looked like his fingers had retreated one joint inwards. Black nails grew thick and long, palms rough and discolored with callouses. Shuddering, he struggled to pull his sleeves up, mind whirling with terror. Touching the mirror and panting, he looked into his own eyes; irises now tainted with a hint of yellow.
Disgust and baser instincts compelled he run, but he knew it impossible to escape his own body. A cough rose from his throat, his chest heaved, and he heard a clinking in the sink. A tooth lay fallen in the basin, at which he looked in disbelief while running his tongue over a replacement poking through his gums. He fumbled for his phone, but his paw-like hands shook with fear and disgust.
Meanwhile, Penelope’s mind occupied and split between the two bodies. Two sets of senses flooded her, and she spun through spacelessness. Even when she landed in the rat’s body, she stood stunned for a second, reeling at the sudden shift. Heart racing and stomach sinking, she felt trapped in her form, the alien fur and body shape like bindings on her very soul.
‘Subject is contained indefinitely for further study.’

Soooo… This second part took a lot longer than I expected… and it still hasn’t reached the conclusion… I don’t like this either. Unfortunately, having no basically immune system doesn’t combine well with a deadly virus. Still not in great shape, but I can write again, which is something. Hopefully the next part will come out sooner.

Please comment with any thoughts or criticism.
Thanks for reading!

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