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Aquatic Hazards Part 2 by GreyofPTA

Aquatic Hazards Part 2


Part two of two.
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Some days are just pretty unlucky. You go diving and your buoyancy compensating suit malfunctions. On top of that, a vicious sea monster-lady-creature looks to make you her dinner.
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Visual / Traditional


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    I've given my remarks on this piece on FA, but in addition I do admire the shape given to the sea-dwelling lady.

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      Very familiar to your characters I'd imagine.

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        I can't deny that they're fairly versed with attaining such a shape.

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    'In the event that you find yourself attacked by an aquatic vector of the predatory persuasion, it pays to know that the state of the art pressure suit has a built-in defense mechanism. Regardless of wearer inflation of the suit itself being overinflated, the suit is capable of transferring all pressure to the assailing aquatic. This has been agreed upon by all parties as the ideal defense since, if you have been attacked and your state of the art pressure suit has been damaged, you may find yourself in a fair amount of financial trouble. As was learned by a mercenary who has made it clear she wishes to remain anonymous, people are willing to pay for pre-inflated balloons of any sort. At this point- (Continued on side B)' -Excerpt from the instruction manual of the Galo-Class pressure suit.

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    I especially like this one. The colors are so vibrant! Also, bigness <3

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      I like the color scheme here to. Its really mellow yet pops.