Asparagus - Felt Doll by Gravewalker

Asparagus - Felt Doll


8 April 2015 at 14:07:41 MDT

Been testing new patterns for various doll types, and have really been enjoying making them out of felt lately. She's my tallest so far, and a species design I really fell in love with. No name for them quite yet, but I have the intention to make more, and have little "lore" tags for them so I can sell them to folks at cons! :D I hope there will be interest, as I really enjoy making these cuties.

My friend Ghostyboo named her, and it just kinda stuck with me. Ha!

Still gotta refine the look a little more, but that's what prototypes are for!

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    She's great! Very creative, and I like that she has a lot of elements of other creatures, but no one thing that makes you go "Oh, it's a ____" - 'cause she's her own thing. ^_^ Awesome to get action shots too. Hmm... species name. Urphen (UR_fen) is what pops in my head on seeing her; like a semi-urban fey creature that's near by, always out of site of the busy atmosphere the city around them. :)

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      Gosh thank you so much! I kinda put a lot of my favorite creatures in there, though heavily influenced by Froud faeries the most! I like the name too, not a bad idea as they're more often than not little trinket thieves. XD

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        Trinket thieves! laughs So cute. And you're welcome - very creative stuff!

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    Love this little dude!

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    hehe, so cute.^^