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Jen's Halloween Daycare by GraceTheGoldenFurred

Jen's Halloween Daycare


A cute little YCH Halloween Daycare commission piece featuring my darling Jen, now all grown up, looking after a bunch of cute and playful cubs for the holiday. Everyone is dressed in their favorite costume, a huge bowl of candy is perched on the split door, and everyone is having fun!

It seems that Jen has inherited her mother's age-shifting ability. Or maybe this is a glimpse into her future. Either way, she grew up beautiful! And if ya like this piece, do go and tell the artist!

Art and Tabby belong to the awesome Badwing

Jen Aoife O'Malley is mine.

The other cubs belong to:

Choxy ( )

Fursat ( )

KillaLotus119 ( )


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    cute i love the little mummy XD

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    WHEE!!! *Little Lauren runs around in a witch costume