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24 July 2015 at 20:51:24 MDT

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Of Buses and Belts.

I recall thinking about this as a kid back in the 1980s after a particularly bad sudden stop on an old bluebird bus caused me to smack my maxilla against the supposedly well-padded metal bar of the seat back in front of me.

For the record, after that I tended to lock my legs against the back of the seat and hunker down in a physics-denying attempt to use my own muscular strength to brace myself against a possible crash.

Now, I’m willing to understand why in most cases belts wouldn’t affect 95% of the accidents that a large school bus can usually get into, but it really does amount to pinching pennies at the cost of a young life. It would not be the first time institutions have made that sort of choice and hoped it never actually happened

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    You know I've wondered that myself..
    They must put 100% trust In the driver's

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    Let's hope this is just the comic making a social commentary and not Foreshadowing

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    The whole seat-belt thing in cars and busses is a bit strange in general and hard to understand if you spend a little more than 2 seconds thinking about it. I can kind of understand the difference between bus lines in the city and bus lines that travel from one city to another (One stays on within the city and never accelerates all that much, the other one gets to see lots of highways), but I fail to see why it's different for cars and why it should be mandatory to put the belts on when you sit inside them, no matter where it's driving around. It just doesn't really add up.

    But well, maybe there is an explanation, and nodody just told me yet or I've been asking the wrong people for one. ;) But I suspect there really isn't one, and it's simply just because this is the way things are because it is the way things are. And nobody really questions it.