(Sketch) Some Neo Practice by GoldenGriffiness (critique requested)

(Sketch) Some Neo Practice (critique requested)


5 April 2019 at 23:10:13 MDT

Neo Fae, my new adorable snek character!

She was originally created by Elikitten, and named Sorcha Fae and when I realized that this character was up for purchase I just had to get her! They did such a great job with her design.

That being said, there are a few little tweaks I want to make to her design to really make her my own, one of the first being a change to her name! She's now Neo Fae!

Though these new design choices you see aren't necessarily the final ones I'm settling on, just playing around with her. 

I gave the original design to my friend Emmy, along with permission to use her original name, Sorcha. If you all know me, I'm not particularly into the busty human anatomy, so I did away with that. But I didn't want to waste all the hard work of other artists, so I passed it along to someone who could appreciate it, with the previous character owner's and artists's permission. 

Expect to see a lot more of her!

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