(Laypril) Day 6-Neo Fae by GoldenGriffiness (critique requested)

(Laypril) Day 6-Neo Fae (critique requested)


5 April 2019 at 22:25:58 MDT

A new character of mine, originally made by Elikitten, that I just bought!

I've done some tweaks to the design and renamed her to make her my own! Ember has the rights to the original design and name, Sorcha (whether she keeps the name or not). 

Also: EEEEEEE I flipping love this character!


Alright, so I've been thinking I've been relying to much on all the snazzy amenmities of digital art. Brushes, light layers, a million colors to easily choose from, brushes. Undo. Delete. 

Let's fix this. 

Goldie's personal rules:

Throughout Laypril, I'll do one of these a day. 

The penalty for missing a day is making a extra one per day missed. I'm going to be going for past midnight, not when I go to sleep. You can stockpile, though.

One layer, besides signing the work.

No erasing anything. Suck it up and do your best to repair what you can.

One brush.

Three colors only, and they must be chosen quickly and without much forethought. In the future, they won't be matching any character I'm drawing. Try to make one pretty bright, one pretty dark, and one between.

Write the rules next to the piece

Feel free to join in if you're as insane as I am, or even if you're not. I've found just the 3 I've done so far to be a bit help for practice.

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