Aradia LCP by godheadharley

Aradia LCP


21 June 2013 at 19:53:42 MDT

Limited color palette piece I did on a whim.

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    This looks really cool, I wish I had awesome ideas when I attempt to draw :P

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      Wow, thanks! And really, most of my pieces are just dumb luck, lol. But doing challenges (such as drawing a piece only using 3 colors) really helps since it make you think! :3

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        It's definitely a good tactic. It forces you to really imagine the depth of the shapes you're trying to draw underneath the colors so you can adequately figure things out. :)

        I'd suggest practicing more with four colors instead of three. Get yourself a colorwheel and set up a palette with the following:

        * A primary color

        * A secondary, complimentary or overall contrasting color

        * A highlighting color

        * A shadowing color

        The reason for using four colors specifically is because of the Four Color Theorem:\_color\_theorem Essentially, given a set of regions, you only need a maximum of four colors to separate all the regions individually. This way, you can make incredibly dynamic shapes with a very limited colorscheme.

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          This was just a little doodle, not anything meant to be serious.

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            Oh, I hope that didn't come off as critique-- that wasn't my intent. I was simply offering a tip if you wanted to take this coloring style further in the future. :)

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              Heh, it's all right. Thanks for the suggestion. :3