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I have weird ways of expressing myself. I draw, I write, I produce music, I deconstruct software, I make puzzles... I have many outlets. You'll see some of them here. :)

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Assumption meme

on 18 July 2014 at 17:16:03 MDT

Normally, I don't really like participating in meme stuff, but... this one actually strikes a particularly emotional chord for me, since a lot of my life revolves addressing and dealing with assumptions that have a tendency to be made about me. So I figured why not roll with it.

A bunch of folks I'm following are doing it, so I won't give any particular person credit. But I am curious, nonetheless: what assumptions do you have about me? Positive or negative, I'm always curious.

If you don't feel comfortable announcing such on a journal, you're more than welcome to ask me in DM here on the site instead. I would like to consider myself some sort of open book with no worry of indulging legitimate curiosity. :)

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    Thank you for following me!

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    I just want to say when you linked me your character in my request journal I absolutely fell in love with her design ;7; she is gorgeous!

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      Awww, thank you so much! I spent quite a while designing something colorful and vivid, something appealing and curvy for artists to play around with. If I wind up winning your lottery, I hope you enjoy interpreting her. :)

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    Thanks for following :)

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    I really like the header at the top of your profile! If I am not mistaken it's 32-bit X86 assembly for win32, possibly from some form of malware?

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      Yes. It's an old crackme a friend from long ago wrote. :)