GlenSkunk's NEW 2015 Commission Price Sheet! by GlenSkunk

GlenSkunk's NEW 2015 Commission Price Sheet!


23 February 2015 at 20:36:44 MST

As listed here, this is my new prices for 2015, effective March 1st of this year. If you have work in progress with me from before this price change, don't worry - this price change will NOT affect the price of the work you have with me at this time!

I realized a while ago that with the steadily rising level of quality in my work, as well as the time investment, I needed to raise my prices slightly to ensure I got a good wage for the work I was doing. I have tried to balance it between getting myself a good income from my work, and making sure I don't price you folks out of the running for anything. As part of that, I've added a new cel shaded tier to my commission tiers - a nice midway point between inks and smooth color.

A few notes for those curious:

I do NOT draw: rape, cub erotica, watersports, scat, some cetacean species, feral MLP erotica (AKA show style)

I WILL draw: anthro MLP erotica, tame MLP of all kinds, heart fetish/gore/guro, mecha/vehicles, landscapes (both natural and artificial), experimental styles (negotiable)

Other fetishes and ideas may require you to ask me for more details about my willingness to draw them, so please, feel free to contact me via FA notes, e-mail, Skype, AIM, InkBunny, Weasyl, whatever means you feel is useful for your needs. I look forward to hearing from you!

Artwork © GlenSkunk 2015