A Cyborg Vixen for Silver Medal! by GlenSkunk

A Cyborg Vixen for Silver Medal!


26 November 2014 at 00:31:36 MST

Goodness, a SFW submission from the GlenSkunk? What is this world coming to?! This is one of my rare safe-for-work commissions, and it was fun to do - I've always had a soft spot for machinery, mecha, and cyborg stuff. So when a fellow named Silver Medal approached me to do a picture of a cybernetic vixen for him, of course I leaped at the opportunity! Turned out pretty good too - been practicing work on color blending and lighting on this one, and while there are spots that could use some extra work, it turned out looking pretty nifty all the same.

So, enjoy the cyborg vixen as she maintains her leg!

As-Yet-Unnamed Cyborg Vixen © Silver Medal
Artwork © GlenSkunk 2013