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going to try to be more active here, but if you're looking for commissions it's best to contact me via FurAffinity!

Hi! Welcome to my page! i love to draw! 8D

I may draw a shit ton of porn but I'm actually Asexual/Aromantic in real life, please stop trying to hook up with me. :C

Please look into the Commission Info tab for commission prices and such. :3 My commission status generally ALWAYS OPEN

I have a Patreon!

Requests: no, dont ask.
Art Trades: Not at the moment.
Giving Gifts: when and if i feel like it, dont ask me to make you a gift.
Recieving Gifts: if you wanna make gift art for me, go for it, im okay with it ranging from G to XXX. if you draw, commission, or request someone to make mature gift art for me, please look to my commission info to see what fetishes i DO NOT like/enjoy.

Concerning gift art, if you make me gift art and expect gift art back, you're a dumbass. its called a GIFT for a reason.

I try to comment, fav, and reply as much as possible, so please understand if i dont respond or comment on your work or journals that i am busy with real life and will try to get back on track with things here. X3

Latest Journal

I'm back! :D

I'm returning to Weasyl! I feel it would be good to have multiple sites to work off of, so I will officially be accepting Commissions from both here and FA. :3 All info can be found in my Commissions tab.

I also have a patreon now, it'll be full of R34 and starts production on October 1st! If you want to check that out, go here

I'll for sure be sticking around, I see that Weasyl is starting to get a bit more traffic than it used to, probably due to FA's growing problems. >_> I myself choose to stay there mostly for business, but I feel like that's kind of dwindling there. Either way, I'm active on two sites now. :3

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    aw :c

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      why aw?

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        Such amazing art that I'll never attain :c

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          just keep working at it. I've put a lot of time and effort to get where I am, you'll get there too. :)

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    Guess who followed you all the way from DA...

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      lol! hello there!

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    hey! I got new account here so I moved from FA and following you here ^^

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    So is this a perma jump of ship, or just expanding?