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2013 Hourly Comic Day by Ginpu

2013 Hourly Comic Day


February 1st is/was hourly comic day. Premise: Draw a comic for each hour you are awake.

The whole thing is a comic since a comic is sequential art. It's sketchy cause that's all I have time for... so...

0600 - Woke up

0700 - Brushed teeth

0800 - Got to work

0900 - Loaded the van

1000 - Pushed cart up ramp

1100 - Plugging in cables to the new computer I just delivered.

1200 - Eating popcorn at the keyboard

1300 - Driving back to my regular work site. It’s a dodge grand caravan. Comfy.

1400 - On the elevator since carts can’t go on stairs.

1500 - Lunch is ending and I’m drawing this. ^^

1600 - My fake fish bowl.

1700 - painted new eyes for my ginpu plushie.

1800 - I was doing my IV therapy.

1900 - I was watching anime. Can you guess which show?

2000 - I was tearing apart the ginpu plushie head and am resewing it. New eyes and hair. Gotta redo tail too. Got some new fur w/the eyes today. ^^

2100 - I took my meds

2200 - I finished the ginpu plush adjustments

2300 - I started watching an anime recently released on crunchyroll

0000 - I ate chocolate chip ice cream

0100 - I saw my pillow as I faceplanted it. ^^

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