Created of Impurity by gingerpepp

Created of Impurity


4 August 2014 at 20:08:26 MDT

An old drawing, but still one of the best I have ever done of my character Lekura, the maned wolf/elf hybrid. He's one of my lesser known main voices, and I myself am guilty of not giving him enough attention.

Lekura's a very interesting character and in and of himself is an oxymoron, or moreso, a duality. He's insanity, pure and simple, he is usually not connected to reality. But this is due to his status as a Mage, the elf in him is strong, and grants him a magical prowess. He serves the god of Neutrality, so he's neither good nor bad. So while insane he represents a connection to spirituality. Unlike Gravity, Lekura is a physical connection to spirituality. He can connect the energies of the universe and guide you on your path, or let you see something you may need to see or help fulfill you.

So while crazy, he's damn smart if you can get underneath his riddles and tricks. Oh, and he's very powerful with the element of fire, so you might want to take a step back….

More on him later when I make his character page! Sorry for the rambles! I just love Weasyl and that the people who watch me here actually give a crap about my characters. HI GUYS ILU <3

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    I still love this guy, his colours and design are so fun!

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    I love his back crest and his braids. The colors of this whole piece are just perfect.