New avatar ? by Gigi

New avatar ?


24 January 2017 at 04:39:18 MST

It has been a while since I have uploaded something here or anywhere else.
(Too) many things have happened and lately, a major one has "hit" me. I'm not really going to details because I already know that nobody will be interested. Though, in order to try to accept it and also to keep my mind away from too many negative stuffs, I tried to find a way to "use" it and have it shown a good enough way.

And that's the result, with the help of an online generator of anime character and also the help of ShadowPencil to make it look even better. And then I very lightly edited it to add the Super G logo.

No nekomimi (cat ears), I wanted it to be as much as possible resembling who I am in real life. And despite the anime style (and the Super G logo, for now), it is.

This is a very unexpected start for the new year, I just wish I could get a bit more support to go through all that.
Though, thanks a lot for the two persons (Fyxe and ShadowPencil) who showed me some care and gave support too.

Art by Prince Of Redroses
Game/Generator by Rinmaru

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    Very cute Gigi! And we may not speak much, or really at all sans torastreams, but im always willing to listen and help whenever i can!

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      I highly doubt anybody is really interested in whatever happens to me.
      I've seen the reaction -or should I say the "no reaction" instead- of people when I've written about it on twitter, only 2 did which kinda tells me only two are reading it on 15 people following me. Don't get it wrong, I'm well aware that not all of them would react nor even read, though unless they say at least a little something, well, there is nothing letting me know they did read and that they may care a little. So as sad as it can sound, it only shows me that most of them are not interested and then I don't really why I would bother trying more.
      So it's not really about chatting very little or a lot, it's just about caring even a little and feeling cared about a little too then.
      With all that said, I still highly doubt that anybody can really help me with what happened. All I can do so far is accepting it in a way or another, though it's still a little too "fresh". Only people willing to care (and show it then) and why not to support a little could help maybe.

      In any case, thanks for commenting and for your words too, of course !

      (PS : those were not "torastreams" as she was only drawing during them, I was doing all the rest -including streaming- so it was more mine than hers, or at least ours ... not ranting nor venting, just rectifying a little, nothing else ;) )