Battle at Leaves hill by Ghostbear

Battle at Leaves hill


22 March 2015 at 18:11:53 MDT

Steampunk vs Cyberpunk. Wolf-Dog hybrid vs Bear-Lynx hybrid.
Or just a playful "fight" between to cubs. What better thing than to use the fallen down leaves as weapons.
I'm not sure who is going to win this little skirmish, but at least both cubs have their faithful companions to assist them. Spike is supported by his black labrador Schnuffi and Sascha is supported by his lynx Sammy.

Well, have fun boys ^___^
(And be such a wuss, Sammy ... that's just a leaf :P Or are you sneaking up on Schnuffi? ^^')

This totally awesome and very adorable picture was drawn by the highly talented  dulcis and it was commissioned by the cute and generous wuffdog   spike.alias.wolfshund.
Thaaaaaaaank you!! That was very, very nice to ask me to include my little ursine in your picture! hugs
And Dulcis ... that level of detail in your picture is always amazing and the picture is soooooo cute. :3 I'm always happy to see your art! bouncies
Thankies! ^_^

Please shower both of them with love. ^__^