Little tears by Ghostbear

Little tears


6 September 2017 at 17:09:59 MDT

Even little kids can have bad times.
Times when you feel that everything is too much. Times when it just hurts. Times when you feel alone, even among friends and family.
Sometimes, there are only little tears.
And your best plushie friend to soak them up ... and offer comfort.

Not a happy piece this time.
2016 and 2017 offered a lot of crap for me. Healthwise mostly, but also other things.
And despite having wonderful friends, it starts to affect me, honestly.
So, no happy, playful little bearkitten today... but a more sad and somber piece, drawn by the phantastic sbneko sbneko
Thank you very much!
And I promise to show more happy pictures again in the future... sometimes I just need a bit of vent art.


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    That's what plushes are for. To be there whenever you need them.

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      That they are. My whole gang.
      But Sammy is special