EF23 Ancient Egypt - Little Goa'uld badge by Ghostbear

EF23 Ancient Egypt - Little Goa'uld badge


29 August 2017 at 14:48:53 MDT

With the Eurofurence 23 drawing near, of course I had to a get a badge from the awesome and talented  mirri again :3
Over the years, she drew a lot of my con badges and this year wasn't any different.
Love her style and how adorable she tackles the con-theme :3
This year the con-theme is 'Ancient Egypt' ... so have a totally fierce and dangerous adorable and totally not-so evil Goa'uld warrior with his wise and powerful advisor.
Or maybe just a little boy with a toy armor and weapon ... and best plushie friend and snuggle companion Sammy, somehow crinkling around.

Thank you very much, Mirri! It's absolutely cute, funny and adorable!
Looking forward to wear it on the Eurofurence convention :)