One Last Brick by Ghostbear

One Last Brick


8 February 2017 at 15:29:55 MST

"Alright, Sammy ... See. Almost finished. Told you I can do it. Silly kittycat!"
Sascha's words were directed at his faithful lynx plushie companion, sitting on the floor with him.
Dressed in a comfy hoodie and playful Crinklz diapers, the little bearkitty had spent the last 2 hours piecing together Lego stones. It took him a while to scrape together enough blue parts and transparent ones and he had to improvise a little.
But, brick after brick, a Lego TARDIS started to appear in Sascha's room. The blue police box was the space ship of The Doctor, the ursine cub's favorite hero and Doctor Who was his favorite TV series.
And not only the TV series, also the video games and of course the magazines with all the new adventures of the Timelord and his companions.
The stories sure were scary sometimes, but hey ... he was a big boy, wasn't he?
Forgotten was the sippycup, filled with tea, as Sascha reached for the final brick, then his work would be complete.
Sascha's tongue was sticking out in concentration and his tiny fangs were showing, as he lowered the blue brick towards his destination, his movements followed by Sammy.
He seemed to be very impressed and excited at the TARDIS that about twice the size of the plushie lynx.
"Aaaaand... finished"

Aww, that picture is just so adorable. :3
I had the pleasure of commissioning the sweet and very talented  blankit for this scene and she really pulled it off.
Everything looks so soft and fluffy in her drawing style and she designed the room in a way that's just awesome.
Wish I had a room like that.
Thank you very much!


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    Hey i love doctor who.

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      My favorite series ^.^ Both for my little bear and myself

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    I love how worried Sammy looks. :)

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      Well, a lot can go wrong until it's finished ^^'