Firefly by Ghostbear



10 May 2016 at 10:51:04 MDT

So remind me again, Colonel…" the slender red tabby checked the ease of movement of the bolt of his rifle, frowned, applied some more spray, then re-checked again. Finally satisfied he set down the heavy anti-materiel rifle with ease. "…why didn't we bring Drifter and Cayman? Ryan's combat drones could provide additional fire support and if anything goes wrong, Kaylee could suppress the security systems maybe a little longer than the both of us."
Sascha, a young looking, small bear hybrid looked up from his own little stash of weapons and gear with an annoyed huff for being called by his old rank, before grabbing a thin, high-tech looking combat vest. Almost invisible under his normal street clothes, this vest would provide more ballistic protection than the typical "bullet-proof" vest.
"Daniel, you and me are Ex-military. Special Forces. They are not. They're civilians and I want to spare them the details of what I have to do tonight."
The look on his young face was now pained. As long as he wasn't in the field, his augmentations and implanted combat systems were dormant and his softer, more vulnerable side was active. Taking a life was never easy in that state.
"Yeah, I know. And creating a fuss here and setting a statement, will divert BioReseach's attention away from Frankfurt. I just don't like it."
"Neither do I." Finally fully dressed and armed, Sascha took his black polymer sword from the table and slit it into the scabbard on his back. "Let's just go over the plan again, okay?"
Daniel just nodded once and Ghostbear called up a map on his wrist computer.
"Okay. So the VIP's car will use this route here… like every Friday night. It's a violation of protocol, but so far nobody said anything."
His finger traced the glowing red line until he tapped the screen, creating a blue cross. "And we can intercept here.
Their car is lightly armored against small arms fire, so that's why you are using the big rifle to pierce the window. Take out the driver. I will stand by to attack the bodyguard and the VIP and suppress their emergency transmitters, both in the car and the implanted ones.
I'll take it from here and you will create some diversions here, here and here to give me time enough…"
The briefing went on for a bit, before the two Ex-Commandos headed out and took their respective positions, while the car with the BR VIP approached.
"Alright Cobalt, mobile jammer is active. Fire at will, once the car reaches the spot. And good luck. See you tomorrow." Now that they were in the field, they were back using only their nicknames.
"And to you, Ghostbear. Stay alive please."
Only a second later a sharp noise whipped through the night, followed instantly by a second one and the shatter of heavy glass. Daniel's shots had found their mark.
Cold fire burned away all of the bear hybrid's emotions and feelings, as he activated his combat augmentations, providing him with greater speed, agility and an implanted targeting system.
In a few longs strides he reached the limousine, just as the thunderstruck VIP's bodyguard tried to exit the car. With enough force to break bones, Sascha slammed the door into the squirrel, sending his SMG flying. Three more brutal hits with the heavy door, followed by sharp kick to the head knocked out the guard and left him bleeding on the concrete. Before opening the doof fully, Ghostbear took a look at the driver. Unsurprisingly, courtesy to Cobalt's steady aim, the driver was hanging limp in the seat, his clothes drenched in blood. No threat.
He unclipped his PDW and opened the door to the back part of the car again, aiming inside.
"What the fuck? What's going on? Who are… Oh Fuck!" the VIP's voice turned into a panicked shriek, his body recoiling in terror and fear. "YOU! YOU ARE…OUGH"
Without an emotion on his face, Sascha smashed his weapon into the feline's face, knocking him out cold as well.
Panting a little from the exertion and the use of his reflex booster, the ursine checked his clock. All has happened in less than 2 minutes. He was on schedule. Good.
Coldly he loaded the unconscious bodyguard into the car again, before pushing the dead driver into the passenger seat and driving off.
He trusted Daniel to keep the cops busy, his diversion giving him enough time to reach the carefully selected destination, while the mobile jammer, ironically the same model he used during his time in the corporation's BlackOps, would mask his movement.
Rough half an hour later he pulled the car into a dirty side alley in front of a rundown empty builing. The night before Daniel and him made sure the previous owners, a bunch of drug dealer's, found ample reason to leave the house for good.
One after one he dragged the uncontious VIP, bodyguard and the dead driver into the building, propping them up against the wall or dropping them on the floor.
Then he took the fuel canister he deposited there yesterday, but then stopped. Despite all his coldness due to his active augmentations and the necessity to send a message, a message that said "We can hit you where it hurts, we can take your VIPs anytime and anywhere" … for a minute his humanity took over again.
Nobody deserved to die like that, burning alive in the fire, no matter what they did.
With a sigh he unclipped his silenced weapon from his belt again and aimed.
Two single bullets did their work, ending the life of both the feline and the squirrel mercifully and clean before he reinserted his PDW into the holster behind his back.
Taking up the fuel canister again he began pouring the highly flammable liquid all over the floor, furniture, and bodies. While the liquid itself would be difficult to light up, the fume evaporating in the hot climate however would catch fire far mor easily.
With his work finished the bear left the building, deactivating the jammer. Dark patches of blood were visible on his black and purple hoodie.
Now the corporation would pick up the transmitters in the car and the implanted ones in the bodies again… although it would take them quite some time to respond. It would reinforce the message sent to them.

Coldly and again without any emotion on his young face, Sascha flipped open an old storm lighter.
A song came to his mind, one that was among his favorites in his playlist, from a 21th century band called Mesh.

[i]Throw the towel in
Write the poison letter
Burn the place down
Let's make it better
Pour the fuel in
Make the carpet wetter
Burning paper-bin
Let's make it better
Tiny thumb-wheel
Slide across the metal
Little yellow box
Let's make it better
And if the wind blows
Then it's gone forever
Little firefly
I think we made it better[/i]

"Firefly…" He mumbled, then tossed in the lighter.

A very dark, quite person piece of my freelancer fursona... and a scene that was one of defining moments in my fursona's life.
The struggle between the cold and hard Commando and the soft caring side of the teenager he should never have been.
Intense and beautifully drawn by the amazing read
Thank you very much, you really did an outstanding job.