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Blade Runner in training by Ghostbear

Blade Runner in training


Or maybe it's more like "Blade Runner in training pants" ^.^''

This years Eurofurence has an "Back to the 80s" theme.
Being a child of the 80s myself that is great!
And one of my favorite movies is a movie from the 80s.
From 1982 to be exact. Blade Runner.
A dark and very stylish Film noire and it basically screems Cyberpunk all the time. My favorite genre.

So I asked dear   cianiati cianiati if I could commission her for a Blade Runner themed door sign and she said yes.
Squeeeee ^.^
So here it is.
Little Sascha posing as Rick Deckard from Blade Runner and my favorite plushie Sammy posing as Gaff in front of a very nice background. :3
Both versions uploaded ^.^
The doorsign version that will hang on my door during Eurofurence 22 and a smaller version that works as a "normal" picture ^__^

Thaaaank you so much! I really love it. Clothes, props, lighting .. it's awesome!


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    He's too cute!

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      Hehe thanks :3 And yeah, he looks adorable in Cinny's drawing style