Rock Out! by Ghostbear

Rock Out!


24 February 2016 at 15:21:53 MST

Little Ghosty just rocking out. And from the look of it, somebody told our little bearhybridkitty about the "Pommesgabel". Oh Gosh...were should this even end?
But I am sure of one thing, this lil guy's psteparents are not going to be happy with their son's choice of music today.

I officially blame anything on   insane-blackxiii #giggles#
He is bad influence for me and heeeeeeee turned on the music. And told me about the gesture.
Yeah. I'm totally innocent. Meow ^.^''

That picture was a total surprise for me and I really did not expect such a nice gift.
He contacted me literally out of the blue and then ... snickers ... well, as I said, he is bad influence for Sascha. Which means he can over to babysit me any time again. ;)
Thank you so very much! You put a big grin on my face!