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I MADE DIS! by Ghostbear



9 December 2015 at 15:02:46 MST

What could possibly go wrong when little kids are trying to cook on their own?
Oh well, see for yourself.
I really looks like the Spaghetti with tomato sauce Sascha wanted to cook really put up a fight and in the end kinda ...exploded.
I guess you could call this a draw.
Yes they are cooked and on the table, but I think about half of it is still on the wall. And the ceiling.
And the bear.
But at least ... not the lynx. ^.^'

But look at him, he's soooo proud.
Can you really be mad at him?

Awesome picture I got from the friendly and very talented  kampfkewob.
Thank you so much, I really love it. It's so funny and cute.
I think that's how it might look when a little boy starts cooking on his own. ^^'



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    Sometimes when people do things, they do them with their whole body. I was such a kid too...and I am still such a person.
    Very nice picture, totaly cute. ^^ Kampfkewob at her best.

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      And there totally doesn't exist a photo of a little IRL-Ghostbear after a full-body fight with a plate of Spaghetti and tomato sauce <.<
      Aside from that, I am also the same still. When I cook (and I cook often as you might know ^^) and I'm trying out something new, it's also something I totally go into.
      So the picture isn't wrong. Although a friend of mine suggested a variant of the picture ... where "the dish looked meticulously clean and the rest of the room, including the bear, semi-exploded".
      That would be a nice variant too .. as I try and snap good photos of the dishes, clean up the plates and everything.
      But to be honest ... I did not want to bother Kewob again for the change. ^.^' She already did such a nice job ob the original picture.

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    Oh my, you got it all over, didn't you? :)

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      Mh naw... I think there about the same amount hanging from the ceiling ^.^'

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    "Basketti.." Always what I remember calling it. :X

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      Basketti? Because lil kids almost bask in them? ^.^'