Howdy ya'll. I'm an anthro colorist with a liking towards clean anthro pregnancy (though the occasional nipple and artistic nude do appear). I can't draw worth a damn, so I've developed my skills around improving and coloring lineart and sketchs. Let me make it clear; "I DO NOT DRAW, I COLOR". There are always 2 or more other talented people behind every work in my gallery. I always provide links to their profile (be it dA, FA, etc) and (if possible) link to their original post.

I am a furry, though I would describe myself as a ‘soft’ furry. I enjoy certain parts of the furry fandom, while the more hardcore ones I avoid like the plague.

While most of the pictures in my gallery are clean and normal sized, be warned that I occasionally post pictures that involve nipples, artistic nudes and a rare ‘large’ pregnancy. But for the most-part I like to keep things tame, clean and cute(and sometimes sexy). You’re not going to see any house sized bellies, egg-laying, alien impreg, bursting and other such oddities.

In my time in the fandom (an the internet as a whole) I noticed that most pregfur pictures don't seem to reflect how beautiful pregnancy can be. I greatly enjoy seeing and coloring pictures that show the beauty of bringing new life into the world. Although everyone is welcome to their opinions and fetishes, I wish people would show more of the softer side of pregfur. It’s such a magical time in a furry's life, so why fill this branch of the fandom in porn? But then again, this is my own way of viewing things, everyone’s welcome to their own opinion. Now with all that in mind go ahead and stare at the lovely ladies in my gallery, I do it all the time. <3

  • I do not RP
  • I do not take requests
  • I am always interested in collabs(you draw something and I color it)
  • I do offer coloring commissions(in which you pay me to color something)

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Need a roomate for Texas Furry Fiesta?

on 6 January 2015 at 19:54:18 MST

Leave a shout if you're going and need a roomate. Unfortunately the group I'm going with is all booked up, I'm want to stay at the InterContinental -Dallas because it's so close & of the promo discount, but $109 seems like alot for just a bed for myself...

I don't plan on drinking myself and I'd prefer to be in a dry room(or within reason). I'm really just there to sleep and leave my pack. I don't expect to be around during the day except to drop off swag. I have two room sharing references (if that's even a thing), you can ask darrencax and Tsuhara (both on FA). Pretty much sums it up!

I'm not interested in sharing a bed ;p But I'm content to take a couch if you are trying to cram people in.

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    So, apparently your name has a number for every month of gestation

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      O.O ... Dude... that's a crazy coincidence as back then I wasn't into pregfur... mind blown

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    hey gecko, I've always wondered about this but I've been shy to ask, until now: What is the meaning behind the '123456789' in your name?

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    Haha hey there Gecko! Thanks for following me here too! I like the definition in your banner X3

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    You're here too, eh? :-D