The Big Journey [Skein] by galacticpink

The Big Journey [Skein]


24 March 2018 at 21:07:20 MDT

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Bagbeans go on journeys to the human world to find their identity by visiting the wizard Fabian and going through one of his magic doors! Skein's dropped her off in a large city. One of the first things she saw was a big flashy ad for some current JRPG video game or another. Thanks to her caretaker being Quest, who's big on going outdoors and exploring the real world, Skein's exposure to digital media of any sort (which exists in Griffia but to a lesser extent than in our world) had been pretty limited. She was completely entranced and immediately went about figuring out how to get that cool thing she'd seen.

Which ended in a short term addiction to JRPGs, where Skein developed an unabiding love of the female healer trope in the genre. She honestly spent most of her time in the human world acquiring new JRPGs and beating them. She loved the idea of being able to help heal people and she thought a lot of the healer characters were really pretty. By the time she decided to return to Griffia, she had decided she wanted to be just like those characters!

She ended up basing her newest bag on the last game she played which had an elf healer character she really liked!

PS - She'll still occasionally play video games in Griffia on a portable system she brought back. It's become an occasional hobby for her though rather than a main interest, and she usually leaves her system at home!

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Note: Skein is a "Maze", which is a character available to Bagbeans members for anyone to use/make their own!

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