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The Real FurretTails by FurretTails

The Real FurretTails


5 April 2013 at 20:45:21 MDT

****might need to F5****

This was suppose to be for International Women's Day on March 8th, it's a global day celebrating the economic, political and social achievements of women past, present and future. Better late then never eh? The submission idea is something growly came up with.

So hiya there! I am FurretTails, the usual username I go by around the interwebs and by close friends im known as "Furret". I am 19 years old, weight is 103 and I am a shortie at 5"2! I have a huge love for collecting (mainly pokemon), cosplaying, fursuiting and drawing! I also have a love for video games and learning how things work! I also have a secret love for steam punk style! Some small things I enjoy talking about are amongst the zodiac, dream symbolism, magic, paranormal, animals (especially endangered or very cute ones!) and astral projection. I am a very curious person to say the least! :D

As you may have noticed by my profile I am taken, I have been in a relationship with the love of my life for almost 3 years. I have had a few relationships before him and for the most part they were terrible ones. I do not like to speak about them due to the reasons of them having been so bad but it is the largest part of why it takes me a while to feel comfortable and trusting towards others. We met through me having a pokemon collectors meetup through one of the communities I am a part of during an anime convention, one of the girls who i met was uglyduckling and she asked if I wanted to join her and some friends to eat. I said yes and that's where I first met my bf. From there we exchanged many emails, text, and phone calls. (though we met at my local con, he lived in Illinois) After a few months he came down to visit me and we have been dating ever since. <3

I do have Lilapsophobia, a phobia of tornados and hurricanes (also very strong windy storms). I prefer beautiful cold snowy weather to hot warm ones, but sitting in the sun to warm up is just as nice. I enjoy wearing my scarfs and furry jackets! I consider myself to be laid back but I can sometimes get defensive as a person. I also have a bad habit of sometimes pushing people away from me due to trust issues as I really never had any good or best friends growing up, but in this fandom and the pokemon fandom I feel like I have found a few of those diamonds in the rough. :)

I love to fursuit, Though I have only been suiting/been a furry since January 2012. I got my first and second suit in July '12. (Ein and Mika). I collect many things, you could say I am in fact a collector. I mainly collect Pokemon, furret being my main, but I also collect things such as Fox and the Hound, Stitch, stingrays (and other animals), dream catchers, snowglobes, scarfs, plush, spice and wolf, soul eater, settei's. animation cels, spirited away; studio ghibli items in general, beanie babies, giant legendary pokemon plush, Japanese inspired items, zodiac items(Year of the dog *or horse for my bf* mainly), Gemini items, etc. I also love guinea pigs, rabbits, chinchillas, ferrets, sting rays, crawdads, corgis, foxes, moles, birds, moose, koi fish, black moor goldfish, cute animals in general really <3

Behind this monitor is a real person, a female to be more precise, I am proud of who I am and couldn't be happier!

Happy International Women's Day! And to all my friends, thank you guys so much; you literally mean the world to me and I count my lucky stars that I have been blessed enough to have such great friends! <3

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