Mask by FurretTails by FurretTails (critique requested)

Mask by FurretTails (critique requested)


19 February 2013 at 19:05:22 MST

Mask by FurretTails

He promised to never hurt her,

only to love her and sweep her off her feet,

she believed,

she trusted,

and she cared.

He broke her heart the night of the ball,

so tonight she'll wear a mask,

and hide her emotions under her sleeve,

she won't let him see how much he's hurt her,

no satisfaction for him guaranteed.

She'll let her blonde hair down,

to fall over her crystal blue eyes,

they are not to see that her vision is blurred by tears,

or to see a single tear drop.

Everything tonight will seem alright,

until at last she'll smile and slip away into the night,

she will lay a single red rose on the marble stairs,

and walk away into the silent night.

Gone forever,

memory's to fade,

never to see the light of day,

her last words;

the rose left to rest on the stairs,

where her love broke her heart that very night.