CMC - Sleep Over at the Club House by FurChan (critique requested)

CMC - Sleep Over at the Club House (critique requested)


13 October 2013 at 10:23:24 MDT

This one comes with a story,

This piece was going to be my 1st paid commission, I wont name any names but the commissioner, after getting some free work off me, bailed before paying. Due to this reason I will no longer do free work in the hope of getting paid.

Anyway, I wanted to finish it paid or not (but not in the way the commissioner wanted it) as I enjoyed working on this piece and felt just because someone miss treated me, does not mean I should deprive my viewers a chance to see this piece.

I just look froward to getting my 1st real commission :-/


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    Just saying that usually, artists request money up front just in case something like this happens. If it's over a certain amount, they can do a sort of payment plan but it still requires payment first.

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      yeah, i guess i was a little too trusting in strangers.... kinda got caught up in the excitement XD