My name is Ff123 or you can call me by my real name which is Tobias.
I'm 13 but I will turn 14 in June!
I love to give hugs and snuggles to people!
I am always open to constructive criticism!
Please don't bring any drama to me please I already have enough of that in my life already. ;-;
I really would like to make a name for myself on here so everyone can do as much as possibly on my page!
Also if I accidentally come off rude or annoying please don't hate me for that, I NEVER would hate someone for no reason.
Also if you knew me from my now deactivated deviantart account and want to hate me PLEASE FOR JEEBES J. CHRIS PLEASE DON'T HATE ME I want to stay in my little community of happiness stress free.

Also I'm always in need of a friend so don't be shy to ask!
I will keep these rules as lose as humanly possible so people so no tension and strain will appear.
Also don't think just because I am "being mean" does not mean that I'm a butt, its most likely that I am upset about something else so don't think I'm cyber bullying!
If you want to chat and have a grand old time don't be shy to note me or heck sometimes I'll live stream on my YouTube channel!
Also my dad has an account to watch if someone has or is causing drama or hate he can help me out.

Skills I have are the following: I can animate, model, rig, draw, sketch, decompile models, and I can even code on a plethora of game engines!

Here is where I'm active! ^^




So I am Ff123, SIGNING OFF! ^w^

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on 30 May 2017 at 08:46:53 MDT

So after some thinking I'm back. why? because of one thing I LOVE THE ART HERE!

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    I love your profile picture lol

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    I got a question. Which artist you like and commissioned from. Example what artist you like. Don bluth artist or other. Tell me what your favorite? Sorry the question. It because I plan to commisioned someone for the art.

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      Hold on.. You said and I quote "Don bluth artist or other."
      What are you trying to say there?

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        What artist you like? Do you like Don bluth, disney, or what you prefer? I'm just saying, I will pay someone to draw the art for us. It what if question.

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          Artist... Hummm..
          Never really thought about it...
          Like on here or like anywhere?

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    I got something to cheer up. What art you want to make me give it you. What art request you want. We can be friends.