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Freddy Fazbear [ original line ] by frillious

Freddy Fazbear [ original line ]


28 October 2019 at 00:09:24 MDT

» PART 1 «

2000s - RED LAKE stained, crying its bloody water | ˥˥∀H ┴ℲƎ˥ ƎH┴ WOɹℲ SƎHƆ∀OɹԀԀ∀ ƎH

2010s - VOID torn from essence being uploaded into ‘help wanted’, visible in blacklight mode only | פNIHƆ┴∀M S⅄∀M˥∀ Ǝɹ∀ ⅄ƎH┴ ˙pƎHƆ┴∀M Ǝq ┴S∩W ⅄ƎH┴

2010s - BLACKLIGHT is the true form, stripped of the trauma of the void. glow in the dark, able to shift colors at will | pN∩OℲ Ǝq ˥˥IM ┴SO˥

2019 - SERVICE REMODEL created for fazbear entertainment’s service program. plastic only, to save money, easily clean, and prevent shedding and staining. | NI∀פ∀ ɹƎH┴ƎפO┴» ʞƆ∀q ƎW ┴∩Ԁ» ⅄˥˥∩ℲƎɹ∀Ɔ NƎ┴SI˥» ƎΛIΛɹ∩S O┴»

2020 - GLAMROCK N/A | ¡ʞƆOɹ

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