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the furry fandom coddles predators

as evidence, when i tried to post a warning about open pedophiles in this fandom [link removed by staff], the moderator(s) of Weasyl tried to tell me this was "slander/defamation". is this disgusting inclination to defend predators extremely common among art websites in general, but i've found is especially abundant amongst furries.

furry art websites including weasyl are riddled with child/incest/rape porn and the mods themselves are either predators, or are otherwise completely comfortable with these kinds of predators on their website. i've been suspended several times now from Furaffinity for attempting to warn other users about literal open pedophiles on FA's platform, and each time FA staff, just like Weasyl's staff, has treated it as "harrassment".

this is to no surprise as there are still pedophilic kinks available as categories when uploading art to FA. ontop of this i've attempted to report child porn before and have been told by FA staff that it's "fine because it's aged up". this is a predatory mindset and confirms that there's at least one actual pedophile on FA's staff team, very likely more given the abundance of child porn (and other abusive fetishes that ive mentioned as well) on FA and most other furry websites ive seen.

it's an embarrassment to the furry community as a whole that people like those who run Weasyl and FA (and inkbunny especially) are allowed positions of power, and that the fandom at large is only actually a safe place for bigots and predators who are evil enough to think they're actually the victims when survivors like myself hold their predatory mindsets accountable. then they turn around and praise the furry fandom for being such an "accepting and safe environment".

except for furries of color that are constantly and continually harrassed and abused and ignored, their cultures treated like costumes. except for incest and pedophilia and rape survivors who have to be bombarded with porn thats sexualizing our trauma wherever we go, and to be told that WE are the ones in the wrong for being fucking revolted and upset at their abusive kinks. except for furries who are children, who not only are exposed to everything of the above, but also to porn of their favorite games and shows that are meant to be safe for them. i was one of the countless minors traumatized and groomed by porn of kids media such as spyro and pokemon.

staff, if you're reading this and about to piss your pants and ban me from your precious child porn party, i hope you think long and hard about the fact that you and all the predators and bigots that you coddle are the reason that furries are stigmatized as pedophiles and zoophiles. you are the reason that it's unsafe for children to join this community. you are the reason that it's unsafe for survivors to stay in this community. die mad about it.

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