Tomkitty by Frazzle



15 February 2019 at 00:43:57 MST

Something for (- you may have guessed already -) Tomkitty! This was an exceptionally fun one, with me still being all hooked up on the 80's, and TopGun still is a big one on that. So here we go, three Tomcats in one picture. Aimed to look good as poster-size big print. I feel the need... the NEED FOR SPEED!

Sorry for the long hiatus. Things are still a bit tough, with the industry I work in basically evaporating. And I am doing still comparably well - many studios had to fold, even the big ones, and those left either switched 3D or cheapo Flash/Library animation. But even they laid off much of their staff. Trying times. I am focussing to lean more towards print, but it is a bumpy road with lots of uncertainty. Not complaining, I picked this career - I knew things wouldn't be as smooth as in other professions, it is just very tiresome, and eats lots of energy I otherwise might have spent here. Sorry for being terribly behind answering favs and comments. I love you all for enjoying my work, leaving coments and faving, even though I have a hard time showing that during these times. Hope to be back fully loaded and kicking, soon. Cheers!

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