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No comments on any of my work or pages, please.

I am found only here, Deviantart, Artstation, and Patreon as Leon Wit.

If you wish to be a client and purchase art, you must submit an application to the Trusted List. The application is found below.

The Trusted List:

Currently nobody.

Latest Journal

The Trusted List Application Form

on 23 August 2021 at 10:32:06 MDT

Hello there! This is the application form for admission to the Trusted List. Those on the Trusted List can access my commissioning services and a few other things. I'll give you a brief run-down of what this experience will be like.

First, you must contact me. You will be screened and have a pleasant conversation with me. I will be judging whether you are a good client or not. Honesty is best.

Finally, you will be given a quest. Expect this to be challenging and even a bit uncomfortable, as this will require self-sacrifice and a good spirit to complete. If you don't belong here, it will become apparent quickly enough.

All of these phases must be passed in order to be admitted to the Trusted List.

Thank you for applying.

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