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Aleph's Foxy Adventures by foxgamer01 (critique requested)

The sun shined down upon Aleph the anthro wolf, with the red aloha shirt bright on his chest. He walked down the road with a grin on his face, his left hand-paw within his blue pants’ pocket. His other hand-paw rubbed his light blue ear even as his tail, gray with a light blue tip, swayed behind him. The concrete ground felt hot against his paw pads, but he doesn’t mind the heat.

Two days passed since Aleph met with Daren Crevan, with the aloha shirt a gift from him after their journey within the Temple of Pancakes. A silly name he gave it, Aleph thought, since it would be rare to find a temple that wouldn’t end with someone getting flattened. Perhaps he was a traveler from another world, much like A-Ninetales, who wasn’t used to being paper-thin. He was amazed by tales that his former Pokémon companion told him, talking about lands where getting stepped on by a giant paw wouldn’t end with one getting flat since such things were foreign.

Aleph’s yellow eyes looked around the tall buildings, passing by various people such a gray wolf taller than him, a green cat, and even a pooltoy fox. Multiple events were happening on the street, with a Pokémon and Digimon rap battle happening with the crowds roaring out. He ignored them, instead heading over to an electronics store.

When Aleph approached the door, the door handle was already twisted. Half a second later, the door swung open, slamming against him and pushing him back. He gave out a maf as his body clung to the door, crashing against the store’s wall. His body compressed itself, going thinner and thinner from the force until he became paper-thin. The door jammed itself against the wall, with him unable to move.

“To trees with this!” Aleph heard, his eyes spinning. “Should’ve ordered it online! Much fewer people and more orderly that way!”

The stomping sounds soon went away, leaving Aleph alone between a wall and a door. He tried to wiggle the door away, but even without his diminished strength from being so thin, the doorknob was jammed against the wall. The wall crater he lay within felt more spacious all of a sudden, despite the door not moving an inch, and he raised his shoulder a bit. A minute passed before more walking sounds came and, with a yank, the door swung away. The sunlight warmed his body and he wiggled his eyes, shaking the spirals away before he looked upon his two saviors.

“Jeez, what’s his deal? There were only three people in the store,” the left, an anthro alligator, said. “And look what he did. He squashed this poor fox on his way out.”

“I’ll go get the air pump. Again,” the right, a feral snow leopard, said. “And perhaps I can find something that could fix the wall.”

“Maf,” Aleph said while gravity’s power pulled him down, landing on the snow leopard’s back. And yet, his flat ears twitched at their words. A flat fox?

LED lights soon coated the three when they entered the store, with Aleph feeling powerless to move. He wondered how Daren could move by himself when he was just as flat and for his first time too. He twitched, feeling a sort of swelling power from his chest, and he lifted his right arm a bit. At that moment, he was placed down and a hose stuffed into his mouth, with air flowing in. His body creek like plastic, with pops from his fingers and a snap from his tail. His body was restored with a massive pop, and the hose removed from his mouth while the swelling power faded away. Was it just an imagination?

“There we go. Are you OK, little fox?” the anthro alligator asked, rubbing his long chin.

“M-maf?” Aleph said, shaking his head. “Yes. I’m used to this. Still, what do you mean by ‘fox’?”

“Because you are one?” The feral snow leopard tilted one of his head even as he squinted one of his eyes. “Did being flat also scrambled your brains?”

“Maf?” Aleph looked over his arms and legs. They seemed much slender than before. He turned and looked at his tail, far bushier than usual, and he gasped. He rubbed his muzzle, and his eyes widened, the rectangular muzzle more triangular. And, while his clothes still fit to a T, he realized that he lost a foot in height, even more child-like. “W-what happened? How did I turn into a fox?”

“You’re saying that you weren’t a fox before?” The anthro alligator rubbed his scaly head. “I never heard of a flattening where you transformed into a different species in the process.”

“Let’s take him to a doctor then,” the feral snow leopard said, his thick tail rubbing against the table’s leg. “I’m sure they’ll find out what’s wrong either way.”


They took Aleph over to the hospital, with Aleph riding on the snow leopard’s back for the journey across the street. Aleph was brought to a room after a chat with the front desk and was told to wait. He sat on a bed, feeling a thin paper between the mattress and himself. The sterile light shined down from above, with the room scrubbed down to the micros.

Soon, the door swung open, and an anthro otter stepped in, far taller than the child-sized Aleph, with a physician coat over his shoulders. He wore a stethoscope as though it was a necklace even as he looked over the white gloves over his thick hands. He went over to Aleph, pulling out a large clipboard from his far smaller pocket and looking it over.

“Hmm. My name is Dr. Otto holt Anvil. You are Aleph, correct?” Dr. Anvil said in a thick voice. Aleph nodded. “And you claimed that you were once a wolf, but some flattening incident you turned into a fox instead?” Aleph nodded again. “That is curious. Hmm. Have you interacted with any foxes before the incident?”

Aleph’s eyes shined at that question. “Two days ago. In fact, this red aloha shirt I’m wearing once belonged to him!”

“Hmm! I wonder.” Dr. Anvil placed the clipboard on the countertop and his fingers curled against each other. “I have a possible answer, but I’ll need to put you through some tests before I can verify it.”

“What kind of tests?” Aleph asked, hopping off from the bed.

“Nothing you can’t handle.” Dr. Anvil gave a small smile as he led Aleph to a scale that has a trap door just above it. “Just need you to stand here for just a minute.” Aleph did so and Dr. Anvil looked over the numbers displayed. “Looking good. Just one last thing.”

“What’s tha—” Aleph asked at the exact second Dr. Anvil pressed a button and the trap door open, a giant 16-ton weight coming down upon him. He looked up just as it pressed against his nose and he found himself flat underneath it.

Dr. Anvil chuckled to himself as he pressed the button again and the weight was lifted up by the string, with a coin-like Aleph underneath it. He grabbed a spatula and peeled Aleph off from it, with him falling down and rolling around in the room. Dr. Anvil grabbed the Aleph disc and, grabbing his flat ears and feet-paws, he stretched him out so that, while still flat, his front and back could be shown.

When Dr. Anvil placed Aleph on the bed, he fluttered a bit mid-air before landing. Aleph’s head tilted to the side, with tongue sticking out, while Dr. Anvil pressed his stethoscope onto the chest and arm. He hummed to himself, pulling out a magnifying glass and looking over Aleph’s face and shirt. A few minutes passed before he gave a satisfied nod and stuffed a hose into Aleph’s mouth, pumping him with air until he popped to normal.

“Hmm! I now know what caused your transformation,” Dr. Anvil said, picking up the clipboard and writing notes onto it.

“M-maf? You do?” Aleph asked, sitting up straight.

“Yes, but the cure can be tricky I’m afraid.” Dr. Anvil placed the clipboard back onto the countertop. “I’m afraid that you caught the F-0X disease.”

“You mean that I’m sick and can spread it around?” Aleph asked, leaning back in fear.

Dr. Anvil chuckled a bit. “It’s not really a disease as such and a good thing too. Otherwise, we’ll be oversaturated with foxes.” He then pulled a book off from a shelf and looked through it. “The F-0X disease is basically when someone wore clothing that was once belonging to a fox and got flattened. The clothes, and the retaining foxiness within them, thought their wearer was changed from a fox and sought to ‘undo’ the change.”

“Oh dear. Maf.” Aleph sweated from that answer. “What can be done to fix me?”

“There is a way to cure you, but it is tricky.” Dr. Anvil placed the book back on the shelf. “Since the foxiness in that shirt thought that you were the original owner of it, the cure is to locate the owner and have him or her flatten you. That way, the foxiness would realize their mistake and revert the transformation.”

“Woah! That sounds amazing!” Aleph’s pupils turned into stars for a couple of seconds. “And that sounds simple enough. I just need to find Daren who’s—” Aleph paused, blinking while rubbing his chin. “—who I have no idea where he went to or where he’s from.”

“And I assume that you also have no idea if he’s from this world or not, yes?” Dr. Anvil asked. Aleph shook his head. “Hm. That is a tricky thing. Unless he returns sometime in the future, I’m afraid that you’ll be stuck as a fox.”

“Eeeeeeeep!” Aleph rubbed his face. He then shook his head and shrugged. “There are worse things to turn into, I guess. I’ll just have to adapt and hope that I’ll meet him again.”

“That’s a good attitude to have. Hmm!” Dr. Anvil nodded before pressing his hands against his hips. “Of course, there’s the issue of payment.”

“Oh yeah. How much would I need to pay?” Aleph asked, tail twitching.

“Three million dollars. Or ten flattening.”

Aleph gulped. “I guess I’ll take the ten flattenings.”


As such, after Aleph was flattened in various ways, whether through rollers, crushers, and even stretchers, for ten times, he left the town. A tongue stuck out from him, making him look comical. And yet, even as he took one step over the other, he had one goal in mind: locating Daren.

It won’t be easy since it would be like looking for a needle in a haystack. And he doesn’t have any magnets to attract the said needle. Still, Aleph has complete confidence in his quest no matter how long it would take him.

Five minutes after he left the town boundaries, a massive foot-paw landed on top of him.

“Oops! Sorry!” Aleph heard from above, his eyes turning into spirals once more and his body flat as paper. The foot-paw lifted off from him and he shook his eyes, looking up at the reason for his squashing this time.

The anthro above him was a dragon, a very huge one even as he shrank in size. His black scales gleamed in the sunlight along with the pale yellow plates, claws, and horns. When he shrank down to six feet tall, he approached the paw crater, his pale gray staff tapping with every step and the green gem gleaming on its tip. His vast wings folded back to himself, brushing against either a black cape or scarf around his long neck. He gave out a toothy grin, each tooth sharp, while pocketing his free hand into his dark blue jeans, which were damaged near the bottom along with his bright blue shirt.

“Hello there, Aleph,” the anthro dragon said, kneeling down at the flattened Aleph. “Almost didn’t recognize you because of your fox-like features and aloha shirt.”

“Hi there, Glaurung!” Aleph said. “Fancy meeting you here. And I see that you lost a ton of weight from the last time I met you.”

Glaurung blushed, with him rubbing his pale yellow hair. “Hard to travel at that state after a while. In any case, what’s with the change? Met Glorfindel and got transformed by him?”

“Maf? Oh no. I haven’t met him in months!” Aleph’s head peeled itself off from the ground. “What happened was that I caught some disease because I wore this aloha shirt, which once belongs to a fox and the only cure is to be squash by that fox himself.”

Glaurung blinked, tilting his head a bit. “That’s curious. Then again, I only occasionally come to this world. Glorfindel and Plaúrien would know more about this place than I do.”

“Plaúrien? Who’s she?” Aleph asked, his arms rolling off from the ground.

“S-she’s a snow leopard who I’ve been visiting,” Glaurung answered, blushing even harder. His yellow eyes, with a yellower sclera, twitched a bit as he rubbed the back of his neck. “I-I’m not into her like that. Still, she is an enjoyable lady to be with. Can pack in just as much foods as I can, though I expect that she wasn’t even close to her limit. Especially since she is a goddess.” He breathed in and out. “Of course, Glorfindel doesn’t believe me when I told him that.”

“Woah! She must be someone special if you consider her to be like a goddess!” Aleph’s eyes changed into stars even as his legs and tail peeled themselves off.

“I don’t mean that she is like a goddess. I meant that she—” Glaurung stopped when a gust of wind blew by, freeing Aleph from the remaining restrains from the crater. His body fluttered in the air, twice landing and rolling around before flying into the air again. Glaurung flinched as he unfolded his wings. “Aleph!”

Aleph’s eyes spun once more, seeing a blur of color. His chest tightened, feeling some kind of power from within just like before. His flat foot-paw rubbed against the ground and he shook the spirals away from his eyes. His foot-paw clung onto the ground even as his body unrolled itself, his arms flailing behind helplessly. His other flat foot-paw stepped onto the ground just behind, his flat hips feeling sore from the effort. He pressed his chest forward, gritting his teeth as his arms folded forward against the blowing wind.

“Mmmmmmmmmmmmmmaf!” Aleph said, closing his eyes.

“Huh?” Glaurung approached the flat yet standing Aleph, his eyes as wide as baseballs. He went over behind Aleph, his wings folding back, and saw no strings attached to his body. Yet, he stood in place. Glaurung waved his staff around and its head glowed green. Air filled up within Aleph, expanding him until he popped back to normal.

“Maf,” Aleph said, flopping back as he breathed back and forth. “That was difficult.”

“Difficult? More like you achieved what I thought was impossible,” Glaurung said, squatting down to Aleph’s side. “How did you do that?”

“That fox,” Aleph answered, wiping away sweat from his forehead. “The one who gave me this shirt. He also managed to move in such a state, even though he had no idea he could. I just know that, if he could do, then I could do it as well.”

Glaurung laughed, rubbing Aleph’s head. “I must say, for a first time, you did a fine job.” He then rubbed his chin. “I do wonder what else you could do.”

“I don’t know and, if it happens again, I’ll find out!” Aleph leaped back up and walked forward. “Thanks again for your help! And if you met a fox named Daren, be sure to let him know to come back to squish me so I can turn back to normal!”

With a grin on his face, Aleph walked forward with his eyes closed. His arms swung forward with every step he took, his tail wagging behind him. Hope swelled within his chest, confident that he would be able to find Daren once more.

Glaurung tilted his head a bit, rubbing his fin-like ear as he watched Aleph walking away. “Daren. Does he mean A-Fox or A-Ninetales?”


Three days passed by since Aleph started on his journey. Though he has yet to meet Daren, his hope hadn’t worn out yet. In fact, he was expecting that it would take even longer, like 28 days. Still, he had traveled a fourth of the world, meet many people along the way such as a scaly dragon and a tiny Buizel with brown hair that acted so edgy and dominant until someone much larger sat on him.

Aleph relaxed within his camp, sitting within a brown tent with his legs crossed. The birds’ chirping and a bear’s roar came from a distance. Despite that, his focus was more towards his chest, trying to reach for that power he sensed several times within this journey. It was as though he was looking forward in a single path, where he saw a shadowy figure ahead of him. Yet this figure was wrapped in chains that could not break despite its immense size and bulk.

The tent shook a bit, the vision fading away before he felt fabric landing on his head. He opened his eyes, seeing the brown tent on top of him and he crawled towards the exit, his head poking out. He blinked, a bear running away with one of the tent’s support wrapped around its leg even as it roared out. He stumbled out, brushing away the dirt as he heard the bear’s fading roar that sounded as though it was afraid.

A rumble came through the forest, at first distant but became harsher by the second. Aleph looked up, noting that this ‘earthquake’ felt more rhythmic in its pacing rather than a sudden jolt. A thooming sound went through and he gulped, the birds flying away. He spun behind him and he gasped.

A giant Ninetales walked above him and heading this way.


Aleph ran as fast as his legs could take him, which was faster than he would typically be as a wolf. Several seconds later, a golden-white paw landed on the tent, flattening it and any trees along the way. He sprinted even faster, soon catching up to the bear from before and leaped over it. A confused roar came from the bear, with it blinking at the disappearing Aleph, before a paw landed on it and the surrounding trees, flattening everything under it.

A river appeared before Aleph, with a flat rock at the middle of it, and he bent his knees down low. With a yelp, he leaped forward and landed on the rock. Half a second later, he jumped again, landing on the other side. With a pant, he sprinted once more, even as a giant paw landed on the exact spot he leaped from.

The ground then rolled downwards and Aleph ran faster, with him leaning his body back. The dirt kicked away from his feet-paws even as he gave out a series of mafs with every step. The ground evened out half a mile later, with him crashing down and rolling around for a couple of seconds, dead leaves clinging onto his furs and clothes. He got up and continued running and not too soon since a paw landed on where he landed, the ground shaking upon impact. One of the Ninetales’ nine tails slammed against a tree from the top of the hill, sending it flying into the air.

The open plains were before Aleph, with grasses as tall as his waist as far as he could see. The grass clung to his legs and he stumbled a bit, with him panting. He looked up and he gulped, a giant golden-white paw right above him. He went to his pocket and pulled out a white flag, waving it before the paw slammed down.

Aleph yipped, feeling his body flattening paper-thin along with the surrounding grass. His eyes spun, seeing nothing but spirals and darkness. He shivered, his body expanding against the crater he lay within. A second passed before the sunlight came to his flat body, showing little more than light blue, blue, and red with a couple of gray and white patches.

“Ha! Caught you again!”

That voice sounded familiar, with him shaking away the spirals and he looked up. The giant Ninetales gave out a cheeky grin and Aleph noted the green bandana around the neck. Sea blue was the Ninetales’ eyes color and a badge was on the bandana, which had a lime green A on the center.

“A-Ninetales?!” Aleph said, rolling his flat body up and balancing himself so his flat eyes could look at him, even if the vision was upside down.

“Long time no see, Aleph,” A-Ninetales said, his badge and bandana glowing as he shrunk in size. “Glaurung contacted me three days ago, though I only had time to look for you yesterday. Said that you’ve changed into a fox and you needed a fox named Daren to squish you. Not sure what he was talking about since you looked like your regular wolf self.”

“Maf?” Aleph wiggled as he stood up, trying to keep his vision. “I did.”

“Does it have to be a Daren or the Daren?” A-Ninetales asked, walking towards Aleph as his regular three foot seven size. He raised his paw and green light emitted from it. “After all, you know that my name is Daren.”

“What do you—” Aleph stopped as the light came to him and his body twitched a bit. His body then made a massive popping sound, not flat anymore but facing away from A-Ninetales. He turned around, looking at his limbs and seeing that they weren’t as slim and bushy as before. He rubbed his face, feeling his rectangular muzzle one more, and he noticed the grass wasn’t as tall as before. “Maf?! I am back to normal!”

“As normal as you can be,” A-Ninetales said with a snicker, pressing one of his front paws against his mouth.

“But-but how can this be, A-Ninetales?’ Aleph leaned over to A-Ninetales, his eyes as wide as dinner plates. “You’re not the one I got this aloha shirt from.”

“I do wonder,” A-Ninetales said, tilting his head a bit. “Does this Daren also has—”

A rumbling sound came through the field, as if rolling down. A-Ninetales twisted his body around and he blinked, seeing a massive log coming down the hill. The log, what remains of the flung tree, came down as if in wraith over the destruction. A second later, it contacted A-Ninetales’ foot, with him yipping. Yet it kept on rolling until he was flattened.

Aleph gulped, taking a step back, yet the log came towards him too. He then felt the power again, the feeling from his chest. Except that power felt far stronger, as if its shadowy figure ripped apart the chains that shackled it. He closed his eyes, slamming his fists together, and gave out a long howl. His limbs, thin for a wolf, bulk up. Muscles expanded, quadrupling in size at least, with his arms thick and looking as though they were corded with steel. His legs thickened up, with his pants stretching out with even the seams stretched to their breaking point. His chest expanded, bulking up with muscles even as buttons fly off from his shirt. Within half a second, the small wolf became a hulking one at seven feet tall and four feet wide.

“GRAAAAA!!” Aleph swung a fist at the log. It shattered the wood into countless splinters at the middle and the sides flying into the atmosphere. He gave out a hearty laugh, with his tail slamming down and causing a macro-scaled quake. “HAHAHA! I AM INVINCIBLE!”

“Aleph?” A-Ninetales wiggled against the ground. “What just happened?”

“I JUST PUNCHED THAT PUNY LOG AWAY! HAHAHA!” Aleph gave out a wolfish grin, walking over to A-Ninetales’ head and kneeling nearby. “AND NONE CAN STOP ME!”

“Are you alright?” A-Ninetales’ eyes widened. “You’re not acting yourself—”

Aleph picked up the flat A-Ninetales by the ears, giving out a massive grin even as his other arm flexed. “NO NEED TO WORRY! THIS IS—”

At that second, his muscles shrunk in size. His limbs became thin, his torso became, flat, and his neck was no longer as thick. His muscles became nonexistent, with the seams fixing themselves and the buttons back on. Aleph, back to his regular self again, blinked nervously.

“Um, how do I unflatten you? Maf?”

“No need.” A-Ninetales’ badge glowed, and he popped back into shape, with him flopping on top of Aleph. The two fell onto the grass, with Aleph giving out a meep, only for A-Ninetales reaching up and rubbing his ears and hair. “Now that’s over with. How about I fix the damages I have done? It’ll be a good test run with the upgrade Glorfindel gave this badge.”


“Remarkable,” Dr. Anvil said.

A-Ninetales sat in the room, having carried Aleph to the hospital that examined him three days ago. While it would be a week-long journey for a normal-sized person, for a size-shifting Ninetales it was only a few hours. He leaned against the door even as Aleph, with his flat tongue sticking out, lay flat on the bed.

“In all of my years, I never seen the F-0X disease defeated by another fox, even if that fox is, in fact, a Pokémon,” Dr. Anvil said, leaning back. “And what you described after Aleph changed back, his brief time as a werewolf-like entity, I didn’t believe that it was possible.”

“I wondered about that myself and I have an idea.” A-Ninetales rubbed his chin. “Supposed if the foxes were related, even if that was though parallel universes. Would that also undo the F-0X disease?”

“Hmm! Parallel universes. It would be an unlikely event, even though this world could be considered a hub world. But, if there was a common trait,” Dr. Anvil pressed the stethoscope onto Aleph’s chest, “I believe that it could also work. Would have to add that note in.”

“I see.” A-Ninetales turned his head upwards towards Dr. Anvil. “As for what happened with Aleph becoming some kind of beast?”

“Hmm. Perhaps.” Dr. Anvil pulled out a magnifying glass and looked into Aleph’s eyes. “I believe I figured it out. Somehow, Aleph unlocked his Toon Star form.”

“A what?” A-Ninetales asked in a dry tone, his ears flattening back.

“A Toon Star form. It’s one of the highest levels of forms a toon can hold.” Dr. Anvil stuffed a hose into Aleph’s mouth and filled him up with air. “Details are scarce about it, including how it got triggered in the first place. Some say that it’s through bonds while others say that it’s though getting touched by a deity-like being.” A-Ninetales’ eyes shifted away. “But once it’s unlocked, the toon is enhanced with strength that few could equal. Even at the lowest levels, their strength can throw a moon as though it was a baseball. Even flattening them for long is impossible since they can unflatten themselves.”

“Woah!” Aleph removed the hose from his mouth even as his pupils turned into stars. “I doubt anyone could beat me now!”

“Yes, well, there are some limitations. First off, you’ll need to train yourself to maintain that form for long periods.” Dr. Anvil pulled out a clipboard and wrote in some notes. “You’ll also need to be mindful that, while in that form, your personality would shift. To put it simply, a mirror personality.”

“Huh.” A-Ninetales whispered to himself, “I guess Jung wasn’t that much of a quack after all.”

“Who’s young?” Aleph asked, approaching A-Ninetales and rubbing his ears.

A-Ninetales murred for a few seconds, wagging his tails. “Sorry. It’s nothing.”

“Hmm. In any case,” Dr. Anvil ripped out a piece of paper and gave it to Aleph, “there’s still the question of payment. It’ll cost three million dollars or ten flattenings.”

Aleph gulped, even as his tail wagged behind him. “I guess I’ll take the ten flattenings again.”


“Maf, guess all’s well that ends well,” Aleph said, stepping out from the hospital with A-Ninetales by his side. He reached over and rubbed A-Ninetales’ ears, who murred in response. “What a crazy week.”

“I guess it has been for you,” A-Ninetales replied as one of his tails flicked. “In any case, it’s time for me to head off again.”

“Awwww. So soon?” Aleph clutched his hands together as his tail wagged behind him, his body vibrating.

“Afraid so,” A-Ninetales replied. He lifted up with his hind legs and reached over to Aleph, hugging him. “I spent yesterday and today looking for you. As such, the break time from training with Faith has ended and I have to go back.”

“Oh! How’s she taking her macro training?” Aleph hugged back, a tongue sticking out from him.

“She’s still a bit shaky with trying not to cause destruction while huge, but she’s getting better.” A-Ninetales licked Aleph’s cheek before letting go. “If anything, her toughness level will be unbeatable by the time she masters it.”

“Sounds like you’re having fun, just like those times with Saria.” Aleph booped A-Ninetales’ nose, who flinched before laughing. “Just teasing you.”

“I know. See you next time.”

A-Ninetales walked down the road, with all nine tails swaying behind him. It’s been a series of random events, but it was a fun one. Aleph waved at A-Ninetales before walking down the opposite way, his mind still flashing over the Toon Star form he discovered. If he met Daren again, he would show it off to him.

Five steps later, a giant mallet landed on top of Aleph. He gave out a massive maf as his head met his feet, becoming as flat as paper and as round as a coin. The mallet was lifted off from him, with him looking upon his assailant.

“Trees! Don’t you know how dirty a Pokémon can be!? And you let him lick you!!”

A gray hand-paw grabbed the coin-like Aleph and carried him away, grumbling all the while. Soon, he was brought into a laundromat and shoved into a washing machine, with powder dumped on top of him. Soon, the lid closed on top, and water flowed on top of Aleph. He got spun around, his body unflattening even as his eyes contained spirals once more.


Aleph's Foxy Adventures (critique requested)


Hey there everyone. I've written a new story commission for Aleph. Now, I know what you might be wondering: You haven't made any notifications about having commissions open, so what gives? And weren't you focus on The Pokémon Prometheus 2?

To make a long story short, I've been taking a writing class that has eaten up much of my time working on that story and instead worked on another story. Which story? You guys will find out in a few weeks or so. It's done, outside of some edits that my teacher requests, if you're wondering.

I also have a couple of friends who's been trying to get me to accept commissions from them, and, eventually, I gave in. I also have an art trade to get out of the way, plus it allows me to show activities here that aren't just showing pictures.

Finally, I also will be needing the money since my computer has been having issues. Back in March (a DAY after my birthday), my computer has been turning itself off, which has gotten worse. My dad and I eventually figured out that it was the old motherboard that was going. We found and installed a new motherboard (along with a new cooling system for it), and it worked for a couple of weeks. Now, my computer has been randomly turning itself on, off, and even restarting for seemingly no reason. The new motherboard likely needs a BIOS update, which will be tricky. I also removed the old hard drive and, while it lasted a long while before it shuts off by itself, it still does, so that may indicate another issue. But, in the meantime, I've been staying off from the main computer and been on my laptop, which is too weak even to play Minecraft.

In any case, I hope you guys enjoy this story!