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Arturo and Biro go to Camp (Chapter Two) by foxfan1992

Arturo and Biro go to Camp (Chp 2)

Friendly was the first to reach the water. He changed into his trunks and tested the temperature.

"Wow, this water's really warm" said Friendly

"Perfect! I hate cold water" answered Biro

"I'll stay at the edge" said Art, using his sign language

Jake changed into his trunks and dipped his footpaw into the water. Satisfied with the temperature, he jumped straight in.

"Wow! I thought it would be colder" said Jake

Friendly lay on his back and floated around, as Jake swam endlessly around him.

"Yeeei, that definitely means its not cold" said Biro, as he started to take off his t-shirt, pants and shoes, jumping into the water wearing his boxers.

"Yay! said Timothy, as he took off his blue t-shirt and his shoes, stepping into the water.

"It is warm!" squeaked Timothy, he paddled further into the water, but not as far as Jake or Friendly.

Meanwhile, Art sat down next to his bike; he took out his notebook and started to draw the lake, and the beautiful scenery all around it. He noted everything, the crystal-clear, shimmering water, the deep-green trees, the sandy beach, and even a large rock sitting in the water just to the left of the beach. Then he drew the few clouds that floated lazily in the sky above, and then he started to add even more detail to the surrounding forest and the water.

Friendly swam further out into the lake, and Jake struggled to follow him.

"Hold on Friendly!" panted Jake, stopping to catch his breath.

Biro walked cautiously into the water, as it steadily got deeper.

"Urgh, I'm walking in mud. I feel like I'm sinking"

Timothy paddled a little ways behind Biro, with the water just above his shorts.

"Sinking? But how?" squeaked Timothy

"I'm starting to think that this isn't a good idea" whimpered Biro, shuddering as he felt the water getting deeper, and deeper.

"Come on... Hey, what's the matter Biro?" said Friendly, noticing just how frightened Biro looked.

Art put his notebook down and looked at Biro. He realized his friend was very frightened, Biro's face wasn't the bright orange it usually was, it looked more like pale blue.

"Nothing, in a moment I'll be with you all" said Biro, as he let his footpaws leave the muddy bottom and tried to swim. Friendly noticed that Biro wasn't swimming quite right. Biro stopped swimming and tried to stand, but the water was just too deep. He waved his arms to get his friends' attention.

Art knew what was happening, he jumped into the water and swam over to the struggling Biro as fast as he could.

"All right, something's wrong here" thought Friendly, and he swam over to Biro. He tried to pull the younger fox out of the water, but Biro was panicking. Friendly struggled to hold Biro.

"Art! Help!" cried Friendly

Arturo arrived and quickly held Biro above the water.

Biro coughed and spluttered, but he insisted he was okay. Biro hugged Arturo tightly.

"But, I don't understand. What happened?" said Friendly to Biro

"That's how I swim" said Biro

"That didn't look much like swimming - more like flailing to me" answered Friendly

"Can't you swim, Biro?" said Jake

"Yeah, I can swim..." said Biro

"Well, what happened just now then?" interrupted Friendly

"...but I've never swum in a lake before"

"Oh. You mean the water's too deep?" said Friendly

"Yes" squeaked Biro, blushing with embarrassment.

Art licked his friend discreetly and whispered into his ear.

"Don't worry, silly fox. Do you want to get out?"

"Erm... no, no. It's alright in the water"

Art put on an incredulous smile. "Sure?" he whispered into Biro's ear.

"Yes, yes. I want to stay, but please stay with me!"

"Don't worry Biro. If you don't want to go into deep water, you don't have to" said Friendly, comfortingly

Art laughed softly and nodded his head in agreement. He rested Biro on his back, in his arms.

Biro cheered up and put on a happier face. "Well, where were we?"

"Swimming" Jake chuckled sarcastically

"That's not funny Jake" snapped Friendly, "Poor Biro looked scared to death"

"Hahah, you exaggerate" replied Biro, "It wasn't to death"

"Well you certainly looked very frightened to me" said Friendly

"I'm not afraid, I like the warm water" said Biro

Art dropped his friend closer to the water. Biro gasped and almost jumped out of his friends' arms in fright.

Jake chuckled. "Well for a fox that's not scared of water, you certainly moved a bit quickly!"

Biro scowled at Art. "Hey!! Raccoon dirt! Don't do that again!!!"

Art just laughed softly.

Jake noticed Timothy paddling through the water towards them, the water was almost up to his chest.

"Careful Timothy, you can't swim at all!"

"He's alright, Jake. It's not that deep here"

"Hey guys, do you think there's monsters around here? In the lake, or perhaps in the woods when we're asleep?"

Friendly shook his head slowly and smiled softly at the younger fox.

"No" he said simply

"I hope not!" squeaked Timothy

"It would be interesting" said Biro

Art shook his head.

"Oh c'mon! Can we imagine there are? I like horror stories. I can tell stories to you all at night, I mean we'll all be sleeping in the same tent right?"

Friendly and Jake looked at each other.

"We're not sleeping in tents - we're assigned to long huts, remember?" said Friendly

"Oh yeah..." sighed Biro

"I like horror stories too, but Timothy gets a little worried" said Jake

Timothy began to struggle as the water got a little too deep for him. Friendly noticed this and quickly plucked his raccoon friend from the water.

"Hold on, buddy" said Friendly, he lifted Timothy into his arms and held him the same way that Art was holding Biro.

"Yes, now we are the same way, Tim! Let's fight!" growled Biro, playfully

Art looked disapprovingly at his friend. Biro noticed this.

"I know, I know. It's a joke. I don't want to fall in the water again, and... win to Timothy because he's younger"

"Good" said Friendly, "I don't really want to be part of a fight"

But Timothy had other ideas, he chuckled and leaned out towards Biro, but he suddenly slipped from Friendly's paws and into the somewhat-deep water.

"Oh no! HELP!" cried Timothy, he kicked his legs and waved his arms as hard as he could, but he was still sinking.

"I've got you Timothy!" cried Friendly, he hauled Timothy clear of the water and hugged him tightly.

"Ok, this is getting dangerous. I'm scared of deep water" squeaked Biro, "Can we get out now?"

"I agree. There's probably sharks and pike..." said Friendly

Jake chuckled at his friend's joke.

"Pike maybe... dunno about sharks though"

Art started to laugh. Friendly joined in with him.

"Uuuh, sharks, it would be interesting to see one of those in here" said Biro

"Uhhh, Friendly. There's a big fish watching us over there!" whimpered Timothy

"Piranha?" chuckled Biro

"No! BIG!" cried Timothy

"Oh... I see the blighter. Pike by the looks of it - heheh, Don't worry, they don't eat foxes or raccoons"

"What about dogs?" asked Jake, anxiously

Friendly smiled teasingly. "If they're hungry enough"

"WOAH!!!" cried Jake, he floundered in the water and hurried to the edge as fast as he could.

"Hahahahaha, yes, I've heard that dogs are delicious, more so when they are in a bread with ketchup" chuckled Biro

"That's not funny!" snapped Jake

"I'm only kidding, Jake" laughed Friendly

"Well, ringed-tail boat, to the edge!!" said Biro, pointing in the direction of the beach.

Timothy chuckled and imitated Biro, "Well, bush-tail boat, follow Art!"

"I'll give you 'bush tail boat', you cheeky little boy" said Friendly, he dipped Timothy into the water.

"Woah! Friendly, I'm sorry! I'm SORRY!" whimpered Timothy, as Friendly lifted him up again.

Friendly chuckled at Timothy and hugged him tightly as he carried him through the water to the beach.

Art and Biro arrived at the edge. They shook themselves to dry off, and their fur puffed out, making them look really, really fluffy.

Timothy shook himself too, his thicker fur puffed out and looked even more fluffy than Art and Biro.

"Now you look REALLY chubby, Timothy!" chuckled Jake

"Ermm, I know that you didn't want to go in the water, but...thank you" said Biro, hugging his friend tightly. Art put on a bashful face, his new friends were all looking at him. He rubbed Biro's headfur.

"Go on Art, follow your heart. Hug him!" encouraged Friendly, as he straightened out Timothy's thick fur.

Art sighed and hugged Biro lovingly, he whispered into his friend's ear again, "Anything for my best friend, little guy"

"You're, sure to do impossible things - if you follow your heart!" sang Jake, putting on a french accent.

(End of Chapter 2)

Arturo and Biro go to Camp (Chapter Two)


24 May 2013 at 23:11:49 MDT

This story is about PandaPaco's characters Arturo the Raccoon, and Biro the Fox at a Camp with my characters Friendly the Fox, Jake the German Shepherd and Timothy the Raccoon. This is Chapter 2.

Age of characters:

Friendly - 13.

Arturo - 12.

Biro - 10.

Jake - 9.

Timothy - 8.