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FunPlex Playground - Friendly, Arthas, Mitch and Nock by foxfan1992

FunPlex Playground - Friendly, Arthas, Mitch and Nock


A commissioned scene from Blankie.

After a hard day's work at school, it's always nice when your parents let you go to the local adventure playground to forget all about homework, classes, chores and everything else and just be a kid. Here, Mitch challenged Arthas to prove he was a big boy by climbing up the slide. Mitch had no trouble at all, but Arthas is in a bit of a pickle with his feetpaws continuously slipping, and the tail-button on his pants having come undone revealing his soaked padding. Poor little cub! <3
Friendly is about to try and help little Arthas, while Mitch chats briefly to Nock at the top of the slide how only little cubs wear diapers. Nock - not wanting to be caught out by Mitch with his pull-ups, merely nods and makes a hasty retreat to avoid his own secret being exposed by the sometimes-callous raccoon.

Friendly is me.
Arthas is foxcub93 on FA
Mitch belongs to Blankie.
Nock belongs to Aito.