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Ashley needs some help! by foxfan1992

Ashley needs some help!


A cute little scene I commissioned Christaphorac on FA to illustrate of my fursona - Friendly the fox - and his O.C skunk character Ashley. This is a scene from my story "When your friend is far, far away" where Friendly and Jake meet Ashley and Acie on a trip to the park, as Timothy has gone on vacation.

In the scene Ashley is on a playground zipline, however he's not launched himself hard enough and he's stalled in mid-air, just a few feet from the tower at the other end. The panicked young skunk can only flail his legs fruitlessly as he holds onto the zipline, crying out for help as he feels he's much, much higher off the ground than he really is. Friendly has noticed poor Ashley's distress and is about to help his new friend reach the other side safely. After getting the skunk to stop flailing he ducks underneath Ashley and stands under him, so Ashley is sitting on his shoulders.

Once Ashley is safe, he's very grateful to Friendly and the friends continue to play together for the rest of the day.
To read the story, see here:


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    Brave fox to be under a skunk's tail.

    Cute picture though.

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      Well Friendly isn't the judgemental type. :)