Mr Bubbles Poses by FotoFurNL

Mr Bubbles Poses


15 December 2013 at 13:17:34 MST

Mr Bubbles poses like a true Ice Dragon in the winter scenery around his house =)! it's almost summer and personally I love the warmth, but I do miss photo shoots like these! I love snowy backgrounds, they make everything so full of contrast. (believe me, that's a pre when you're shooting black fursuits! hahaha)

Mr Bubbles is names after a game character from the game Bioshock! there the slightly creepy Little Sisters call their protective robot like creatures "Big Daddy" or "Mr Bubbles". The creator of the fursuit thought that was cute somehow and named this fuzzy dragon after it!

Mr Bubbles was never intended for selling so the creator still has the suit, but doesn't use it that much because it's not her personal character. Though from time to time I can take some lovely photos of her posing as Mr Bubbles.

The suit is created by FurryFursuitMaker who also created my own fursuit TranceCat. You can find her here   furryfursuitmaker

The photography was done by me, as all of the photo's you find here on this FA page!

I hope you're having an amazing day!