Jail [Fursuit Portrait][Wallpaper] by FotoFurNL

Jail [Fursuit Portrait][Wallpaper]


15 December 2013 at 13:13:18 MST

As I learn more and more about photography I began to try and do some good portraits, on humans, not fursuits. But after a while something sparked the idea to also start a Fursuit Portrait series and so I invited some "models" to my "studio" and my parents' living room was suddenly upgraded with all sorts of backdrops and flash equipment. (You can find some photos of the living room devastation on my Twitter: http://twitter.com/FotoFurNL

Jail is the first in a hopefully big series of portraits through which I hope to learn more about studio lighting and bring some good and fun photos to you, my lurkers! (You know you're all awesome!)

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