Slipping Away by Forneus

Slipping Away


29 December 2013 at 23:39:34 MST

Art: demicoeur

Song: Porcupine Tree- Trains

39/100 of Demi's song lyric commissions.

Real talk, because you don't hear this too often from me: Trains, as well as the entire creative output of Imogen Heap, Muse, and Neko Case, probably kept me from hospitalizing myself during my lowest points. I've listened to the song literally over a thousand times, through every bit of romantic strife, the suicide of one of my closest friends, family stresses, everything. I neither want nor plan to be that low again, nor will I let myself, but suffice it to say: I was a bit skeptical of giving someone a commission so personal, for fear that it would be done "incorrectly."

I should have a little more faith, as everything about this is excellent. It captures the wistfulness of the source material perfectly, while bearing no actual resemblance to the situation that I believe inspired Steven Wilson to write the original. This is a testament to what art and music can do for humanity.

Go hug someone that you love.

Now back to your regularly scheduled terrible puns and bizarre in-joke art.

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